StarFest 2018 brings Mary Chieffo and Scott Grimes to Denver

Denver area fans are gearing up for one of their favorite conventions of the year: StarFest. In just two short months people will be putting the finishing touches on their cosplay and packing up their gaming gear for the three-day gathering of geekness. The event will be held April 20-22, 2018 at the Marriott DTC Hotel. Thanks to the love and dedication of the Walker Family, this super-fun shindig is always a chance for friends to catch up and families to soak up all that StarFest has to offer.

The guest list is looking good including “Star Trek: Discovery’s Mary Chieffo, “Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes, “The Orville’s Scott Grimes, “Farscape’s Gigi Edgley, and writer and producer Andre Bormanis.


StarFest is actually a fun collection of festivals. It is part of what makes this convention unique. There is ComicFest, HorrorFest, KlingonFest, WhoFest, ArtFest, ModelFest, GameFest, RoboFest, and ScienceFest. Learn more about the “fests” to see what is in store.


Friday night will be a meet and greet and a Texas Hold ’em tournament. Saturday night, as always, will be the annual Federation Ball the attendees look forward to all year. The Meet and Greet gives people the chance to get up close and personal with the celebrity guests. In a relaxed atmosphere, the guests hang out with you while desserts, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages are served. The Texas Hold ’em is put on by the USS Pioneer. It is a free, no-limit Texas Hold ’em that starts at 9:00 pm. This benefits the Dumb Friends League and American Diabetes Association. Saturday night lights up the weekend when the USS Pioneer and O.m.e.g.a. host the biggest bash of the year. The DJ keeps things happening while nerds get their dance on. All proceeds will benefit the American Diabetes Association, Dumb Friend’s League Furry Scurry, and OMEGAResponders. As always the dance starts at 9:00 pm and is either the ideal way to close out the evening or chill out with friends until all hours.


Prices: Friday $25, Saturday or Sunday $49, 3-day $75
Children ages 6-10 1/2 price – under 6 free. Reserved Seating and Special packages extra.


It’s not too early to start creating that schedule with the ap that will make the weekend perfect.


‘The Orville’ star Scott Grimes shares about his hot new series

Scott Grimes in
THE ORVILLE: L-R: Penny Johnson Jerald, Mark Jackson, Seth MacFarlane, Peter Macon, Scott Grimes, Adrianne Palicki, J. Lee and Halston Sage in THE ORVILLE premiering this fall on FOX. ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Noah Schutz/FOX

Actor Scott Grimes has everything going on. This weekend he will be breaking out the laughter as Gordon Malloy in Seth MacFarlane’s hilarious new sci-fi series “The Orville.” As the Captain’s best friend and drinking buddy, Grimes will be piloting this new ship through adventures in outer space from the mind of Seth MacFarlane. He is also still cracking audiences up with his “American Dad” character of Steve Smith and is making time to get ready to tour Europe with his band. He also happens to be a talented singer-songwriter and has a record out with Russell Crowe, Alan Doyle, Samantha Barks, and Carl Falk called Indoor Garden Party the Musical. Catch “The Orville” with its premiere this Sun. Sept. 10, 2017 on FOX.

Colleen Bement: What can you tell your fans about your fabulous news show “The Orville?” The preview makes me laugh so hard my cheeks hurt!

Scott Grimes: First of all I hope it’s the cheeks on your face and not the other ones. “The Orville” is a look at what space and exploration might be like 400 years in the future from the Mind of Seth MacFarlane. It’s funny but thoughtful and being a science-fiction fan, really delivers on the genre we haven’t seen in quite some time. It also has a redhead in it so that makes me happy!

The Orville
Photo credit to ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Noah Schutz/FOX

CB: Describe your character of Gordon Malloy and, tell us if you and your character share any similarities.

SG: Gordon is the captain’s best friend and drinking buddy from the Academy. Gordon probably should have stopped drinking and grown up but he is not the most mature guy in the universe. Kind hearted and great at driving the ship though. Everything I just described is exactly who I am as well. Except I’m not great at driving a ship.

CB: How do you get into character to play Steve Smith on “American Dad?” You are completely hilarious!

SG: I scream at the top of my lungs. Steve has a high pitched screamy voice and that’s the only way I can get into it! I also say the first line I ever remember recording for “American Dad” 13 years ago. ” thank you Toshi, your Asian Proverbs have captured the moment once again”. For some reason, that really gets me into the part. I also got a hernia from screaming one year.

CB: How many times have you been at a table read for “American Dad” or “Family Guy” and the laughter has taken over?

SG: Every time.
Our table reads are really chill and the more laughter the better. If there’s no laughter we’re doing something wrong. If your question is how many times did I snort, well then the answer is 2312 times.

CB: Your filmography is just incredible! Do you ever find time to play music?

SG: I play music all the time and just released to record with Russell Crowe, Alan Doyle, Samantha Barks, and Carl Falk called Indoor Garden Party the Musical. I know it’s a strange name but we are strange people. We have tour dates coming up at the end of September in Europe. We are just a bunch of old dudes and a young gorgeous girl singing and having fun.

CB: If you were a baseball player, what would your “walk-up song” be?

SG: My walk up song would be “watching Scotty grow” it was a folk song from the 70s that my parents used to sing to me. Now that I’m an adult it has another meaning.