Interview with Caroline Cave on her addition to Syfy’s hit show ‘Van Helsing’

Actress Caroline Cave will take on vampires in the second season Syfy’s hit series “Van Helsing.” Her character’s name is Jolene, Vanessa Van Helsing’s friend who will be second in command of a group of Resistance fighters. This West Vancouver-born actress is no stranger to fabulous sci-fi shows. She’s been in “Stargate: Atlantis,” “SGU Stargate Universe,” “Sanctuary,” “Aftermath,” “Supernatural,” and more. Cave’s filmography is stunning. She was the star of the series “Cra$h & Burn,” and has recently been in “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” and plays an important role opposite Kevin Bacon in Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut “Story of a Girl.”

Actress Caroline Cave, Photo courtesy of Kevin Clark - Vancouver

Colleen Bement: Congratulations on your recurring role in Syfy’s super popular series “Van Helsing.” What can you share about your character Jolene?

Caroline Cave: Jolene is strong, smart, and practical. She finds herself in a leadership position among the Human Resistance due to her strength of character and limited medical training- she failed out of med school. Jolene has depth, a sense of humor, tenacity, and courage. She’s selfless and compassionate at her core. She is comfortable with weapons, physically brave and will do anything to protect the future of humankind.

CB:Story of a Girl” looks like an amazing and powerful film. What can you share about your experience making the movie?

CC: I had a wonderful experience, just wonderful. Most of my scenes were shot in a little house out in Fort Langley. The cast that plays the central family, Jon Tenney, Ryann Shane, Iain Belcher and I spent a lot of time together hanging out in a little library room, just getting to know one another. I didn’t have much time with Sosie Bacon, but I found her to be a funny, grounded, open person. Jon and I are both theater people so we connected in an immediate way. There was a great deal of mutual respect and laughs. Kyra is warm, specific, generous and a trusting director. Our producer, Liz Levine and I have become close friends so that was a gift as well.

CB: You played Libby in the season seven “Supernatural” episode ‘Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie.’ That episode brings back too many scary memories for me at Chuck E Cheese parties with my daughter. My “SPN” readers would love to hear any stories that you have from the set.

CC: Well, I’m a bit of a closeted introvert, so I have pretty negative feelings about places like Plucky Pennywhistle’s. The irony was that a set is controlled and quiet and the actors and crew work in a kind of quiet efficiency. That was interesting to observe in a space that’s usually pretty crazy. My children are 4 and 6 so there are many birthday parties at places like Plucky’s. Very loud…kids going bananas.

CB: My readers would love to hear about your experience on the new “Power Rangers” film.

CC: My experience with “Power Rangers” was fascinating. Because it was Dean’s first really large FX feature, there was quite a bit of tension on set. I had a good rapport with Dean and a very warm connection with Dacre and David, however, what we shot in the family scenes were cut down for the final edit. I play Dacre’s mom, of course, and it was his emotional antagonism with his dad that became the bigger storyline. When you’re shooting, you just invest your heart into the story and you never really know how it’ll end up. It was also interesting seeing all the kids, the Rangers before they became these stars. They are all just really normal, fun-loving, open-hearted young people.

CB: Let’s get to you know a little better with a couple quick-answer questions:

1.) Favorite cuisine? Malaysian
2.) Top two bands on your music playlist? It’s a running playlist: Arcade Fire, The Killers
3.) Latest binge-watched TV show? “The Fall”- Excellent
4.) Go-to feel good movie? “A Dog’s Purpose” 
5.) Top two bucket list countries to visit? Russia, Greece

‘Supernatural’ guest actress Alvina August chats life on the set

Alvina August, Photo courtesy of Louis Lay

Alvina August makes a splash on Thursday night’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes.’ The actress, singer, songwriter is known for roles in “The Other Kingdom,” “The Machine,” “Suits,” as well as her soulful music. August was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to Canada at 17 after her mom sold everything to give her a brighter future. Check out her cool stories from the set and get to know this bright talent.

Colleen Bement: Welcome to the “Supernatural Family” with your guest spot in this week’s episode. I know you can’t share much, but can just talk about your experience on the set? Do you happen to be a fan of the show?

Alvina August: I’ve always been a big fan of “Supernatural.” I moved from Toronto to Vancouver early this year and was thrilled that I could finally audition in person since the show shoots out here on the west. Ironically, I really didn’t think I had a shot with this particular role because I didn’t quite fit the original breakdown for the character. Now that I think about it, the fact that I didn’t feel pressured to get it right necessarily may have had something to do with me booking the role. Being on set was one of the best experiences of my acting career so far. It can be hard being the new kid on an extremely well-oiled machine but everyone on set made me feel like part of the family right away. Jared is a high-energy, goofball and king of the dad jokes. But he is certainly a southern gentleman, always making sure I was okay after every take of my more physically demanding scenes. The same goes for Jensen who I was lucky enough to act opposite. He was a generous scene partner who brought out my best work. Now, throw in Mr. Richard Speight Jr. aka the “Trickster” who directed this episode and you have a hilariously entertaining combination and hands down, the most fun I’ve had on any set.

CB: Tell us all about your beautiful music. I watched a couple of your YouTube vids, and what a lovely voice; so much soul. What’s new for your fans?

AA: I am a songwriting RnB, soul recording artist. I’ve been singing since I could talk and was influenced by North American musicians like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Tamia and the famous RnB guy/girl groups of the 80s & 90s. I’m excited to announce that my new single “Separate Ways” will be released worldwide Spotify, iTunes etc. on May 12th. The accompanying music video will also release at the same time. I will be performing my single at the Opera House in Toronto on May 17th at 9 p.m. as part of a showcase that my music label Akashic Records is putting on. My full EP will be released by the end of 2017. To keep in touch with my music you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

CB: Your story is really something, and what your mom did to look for a better life for you both. What was it like to move from Zimbabwe to Canada? Wow.

AA: I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to Canada when I was 17 after my mum sold everything so I could have a better future. Looking back, I am very grateful for her sacrifice but at the time, it just felt like I was being torn away from everything I knew. The tropical climate to snow was the easier transition; the cultural shock was not. I was an immigrant teenager trying to figure out where or how I fit in and thankfully I found my expression through music and painting.  Performing has always been a passion of mine and only recently did acting come into play through musical theater. I am so fulfilled to do both and I hope my story can inspire even one person who may feel like I did once; like a small fish in unfamiliar waters or who may not necessarily come from privilege that big dreams are never bigger than your faith and your resilience.

CB: “Suits” happens to be my one of my best friend’s favorites, so I have to ask, what was it like working with those actors?

AA: Although brief, working on “Suits” was another good experience. I got a glimpse of a very different Harvey Specter as cool dad, Gabriel Macht. In between set-ups, he was video chatting with his daughter as he helped her with her guitar lesson. I found out that he comes from a very music-centric family and he also talked about his travels to South Africa. He was very gracious and even when I accidentally called him ‘Mr. Sceptor’ during our scene; he laughed it off afterward to minimize my embarrassment. The only negative I have from that experience was that I didn’t get to work with the incredible Gina Torres. I admire her work greatly.

CB: Who have been your biggest inspirations in your career?

AA: As far as acting goes, Naomi Harris, Sandra Bullock, Viola Davis, Kate Winslet are just a few of my favorite actresses. As for actors, I really love the work of Daniel Kaluuya, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio & Will Smith.

Get to know Wesley MacInnes of hot new ‘Power Rangers’ film

Wesley MacInnes

Photo courtesy of The Promotion People

Wesley MacInnes is on fire. This hot Vancouver actor appears in the new “Power Rangers” film and is busy on set filming “Hard Powder” opposite Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, and Emmy Rossum. Country music lovers know MacInnes for his debut song “Duet” that landed him at number nine on the Billboard chart, with his video grabbing him two CCMA nominations. “Warcraft: The Beginning.” Avid “Supernatural” fans will remember him as a certain invisible stalker in the episode ‘Wishful Thinking,’ and will love to hear his stories from the set of the episode ‘Road Trip.’

Colleen Bement: The new “Power Rangers” movie has been such a huge hit with my readers. Tell us all about your experience on such a cool film.

Wesley MacInnes: It was a thrill to step into the Rangers world. I was a huge fan of the original ’90s series, so my inner child was laughing on this. I recall auditioning for the role (I had read the previous day for a similar character in a TV show, but got a call that night saying I didn’t get it, but that they wanted to see me for a film that was operating under a code name). When I saw the bit of the script I was sent at the time, a ton of the lines and character names were all blacked out, but I recall immediately realizing it was “Power Rangers” due to a couple of small details that only a mega fan would catch.
Ultimately, being on set was quite electric. You don’t often get to be a part of the things you loved as a child, so this was a rare experience, and one I am grateful for.  When they played the original ’90s theme song in the film my friends and I totally lost it in the theater.

CB: Do you have some current projects that you’re allowed to chat about?

WM: I’ve been working on a new film called “Hard Powder” that stars Liam Neeson. It’s got a huge ensemble cast and we’ve been filming up on Fortress Mountain in Alberta, where “Inception” and “The Revenant” were shot. I can’t really get into the plot of the film, but it has been a thrill to act opposite to Liam. He’s truly a prince of a fellow in real life and is such a talented actor on set. But I’ll say this, when that guy is not happy with you (as he is with me in the film) it is a scary situation. I think people are in for a real treat with this one.

CB:Supernatural” fans would just love to hear all about your guest spot on the season nine episode ‘Road Trip.’ What can you share?

WM: Haha. This one has a funny story for me. So, I work a lot as a director as well. I was directing two music videos at the time (one for a band called One More Girl, and another for my own music: I perform under the name Wes Mack). I had a looming editing deadline on my video and was in pre-production for the other one and did not sleep at all the night before the audition. As a result, I was loopy and did something in the audition I’d never done before. I forgot my next line, which is not a big deal and normally if that ever happened I would call for the line and keep going. In all my sleep-deprived glory I just stood there and kind of messed with the reader; staring them down and stalking around the room. It was very Captain Jack Sparrow. The line came to me and we kept going, but there was a good 20 seconds of silence in there which in an audition feels like an eternity – it was weird.

The next day I decided to call my agent and slightly damage control it. I was going to ask her to tell casting that I was in the middle of two music videos and hadn’t slept, etc. They had cast me a lot before, so I wasn’t freaking out, but I wanted to apologize for coming in like that. I called my agent and she said they had offered me the role. I laughed and abandoned all hope of ever knowing which auditions had gone well and which ones were a mess.

When it came time to shoot my scene with Jared (Sam Winchester) it was déjà vu. I had stayed up all night editing the second music video as it was due to CMT the next day. So, while I didn’t drop any lines there I was definitely very loopy. I gave what I feel was a very strange performance, that I oddly quite liked. I also felt like the director of the episode got exactly what he had seen in the audition, so it all worked out. Also, Jared is REALLY tall, and a rad dude.

CB: What was it like to be a part of the film “Warcraft: The Beginning?”

WM: I was a major Warcraft fan, going back to ‘Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness,’ which I played a lot of on my computer back in the ’90s. I had actually auditioned for another film and when I did not get that part, casting offered this to me, to which I was happy to accept.

It was a massive shoot. I recall driving up to the set and realizing they had built an entire city in a parking lot. From the outside, it was all plywood, but inside was elaborate. Getting suited up in the iconic Warcraft armor made me smile, and getting to work with Duncan Jones, one of my favorite directors, was really a pleasure.

CB: What do you do in your “downtime?” How do you chill out?

WM: I like to swim or run when I can – anything to stay active. I’m currently cycling through “Star Trek: TNG” on Netflix. I also love walking down to the ocean and just staring out at it just losing myself. Ultimately, it depends on where I am and how much time I have. I’m a very nostalgic guy, so I’m typically drawn to things that kind of take me back in time. Other than that, just getting outside in nature is big for me. My favorite place in the world to be is in the lake at my cabin – it’s in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.

Damian Mavis chats working on ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Arrow’

Actor/Stuntman Damian Mavis

Damian Mavis is a fan first and foremost. Acting is his passion with stunts being his most fun job on the planet. Fantasy and sci-fi are right up at the top, with martial arts coming in at a close second. This talented guy has worked on over 150 films, TV shows, commercials, and more. He had a guest role on this week’s big “Supernatural” episode, and has been in “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow,” and recently can be seen opposite Jackie Chan in the Chinese film “Gong fu yu jia.”

Colleen Bement: What can you share about being on the sets of “Supernatural” and “Arrow?”

Damian Mavis: I think for CW shows I’ve worked on “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Supergirl,” “Supernatural,” and “Arrow.” I do stunts and acting depending on the show. “Supernatural” was very cool. When I walked into the audition and the director Amanda Tapping was introduced to me, I was thinking “oh wow, the director is Colonel Samantha Carter!” I’m a big fan of sci-fi and “Stargate” so it was an odd feeling having to audition in front of someone that I’d watched so many times. I was completely star struck and I forgot my lines halfway through, but it just turned into this long meaningful pause, LOL, and then I continued when I remembered. I guess it worked because she exclaimed “perfect!” I totally thought she was trolling me, hehe, but a couple of days later I was booked. She’s so awesome, very friendly and cool. I’ve worked with all kinds of directors, but never one as nice as she was.

On set, I got to meet Misha Collins. That dude is so funny and is a very cool guy. Total opposite of his on-screen character Castiel who is so stiff and serious. He jokes with everyone and is just fun to be around. We were sorting out the timing of my entrance to the scene which requires me walking up to Misha from down the street, and on the very first take he looks at me sideways, talks out of the side of his mouth as if the camera won’t hear him, “your early…like really really early!” I just laughed. It made things a lot easier from then on. I was pretty nervous to be acting in a show I’ve been a fan of for 12 seasons, and with an actor whose character I love, but after that, I just relaxed.
“Arrow” has a special place in my heart because it was the first North American action show I started watching while I was based in Thailand doing all kinds of martial arts movies/shows. Asia makes lots of martial arts action films and shows. I thinking back then, wouldn’t it be fantastic to work on that show one day? I never really thought it possible. A few years later I relocated to Vancouver and suddenly it became a reality. Working on all these shows has been a dream come true. 

“Supernatural” because I’ve been such a long time fan, and “Arrow” because I really respected the action work they were doing. In “Arrow” I’m doing stunt fight action in a couple of episodes and it’s so surreal and exciting to be doing what I thought was impossible just a few years ago. The entire action team for Arrow is made up of really great people, so professional and so easy to work with. Loved every minute; plus I get shot with an arrow by The Green Hood! What’s better than that?

CB: What projects do you have in the works?

DM: Unfortunately I’ve got something coming up that is absolutely amazing to me but I’m not allowed to talk about it yet. It’s kind of a dream come true for me but really all these jobs I do here are dreams come true. As a fan of so many of these shows, it’s hard not to be freaking out about every role I get! I can talk about my own plans, from the beginning I’ve been writing my own scripts and have been trying to find a way to start creating my own films. Since things have been changing for me so much since relocating to Vancouver I see now it’s becoming a real possibility. Hopefully, in the next year to two years, I’ll start filming my first indie feature in Asia. The reason for Asia is because having lived and worked there in the film industry for over a decade, I know what I can do with a low budget and what’s possible. Exciting times ahead.

CB: I read that you used to be based in Thailand, and now you’re working in Vancouver. What do you miss about Thailand?

DM: I first went to Thailand I guess 14 years ago. I went there with a Muay Thai academy from Ottawa, Canada and was there to train professionally and to fight in the ring. I did all that (I won!) but while there I saw a new Thai film in theaters called Ong-Bak starring Tony Jaa. It was the best action movie I’d ever seen (in my opinion at the time). In this movie were three white dudes (as bad guys) that I had just met hanging out in Bangkok. I was always a big fan of film and TV, I was a martial arts expert and suddenly I saw a real opportunity to fulfill a secret dream of actually working in the stuff I loved so much. There is a very big film and a TV commercial industry in Bangkok and not a lot of competition. So when I got back to Canada I made plans, and within nine months I moved to Thailand. After six months I was fighting Tony Jaa in his second movie; a very short scene but I couldn’t have been happier. That was the start. after that, over the years I worked on over 150 productions and what started as just action turned into about 50% of my work being acting. Really I owe all my acting roles to Muay Thai. If I’d never joined that academy and taken the academy trip to train in Thailand, I would never have discovered my love of acting.
Vancouver is my home now. It’s a great place, and I had forgotten all the things I love about Canada and being Canadian. Being away so long pursuing my dreams and “sacrificing” to continue following them was hard, but finally, a good friend convinced me to relocate to Vancouver to continue doing what I love there. It was the best decision of my life. I miss the weather the most and the food second. Thailand is a pretty easy place to live if you like hot climates, and Bangkok has some of the best food in the world.
I value and I am grateful for all the opportunities in my acting and stunt career in Asia that I had and the resume and experience and reel footage it gave me, but doing the same thing in Vancouver is so, so much better. There are no unions or fair pay or treatment in Asia. Things are dangerous and everything is just harder. Without all my experience in Asia I wouldn’t have broken into the industry here so quickly, and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.

CB: How many bones have you broken in your career?
DM: I’ve been incredibly lucky in all my time working stunts and have never been seriously hurt. I’m a tough guy in general so the normal damage to my body is pretty much the same kind of damage I did for free just training in martial arts all my life. Getting paid to do it was a great job to me. But I value every straight acting role I get. It means a pain-free shoot and one less thing to worry about. I’ve broken my arm and done other stupid things just driving motorcycles in Bangkok. I’ve been super lucky with just bruises, slight tears, sprains, and pulls. There have been some close calls though. For my roles in a Thai action movie “Hanuman,” I was on a wire to do a big scene jumping from truck to truck all down the highway, and somehow one of the support lines snapped. I flew up in the air to a height that would kill me if I fell. I just stayed there for 20 minutes while they figured out how to get me down without killing me. I remember thinking I might die any second.
CB: If you were a baseball player, what would your walk-up song be?
DM: Kenny Loggins The Danger Zone, although I’m more partial to the dubstep remix by KDrew Ft. Mr. Nickelz.

StarFest convention celebrated its 40th Anniversary in style

StarFest marked its 40th anniversary this past weekend Apr. 21-23, 2017.

The popular Denver area convention brought all the nerdy fun in with three days filled with panels, gaming, videos, and stunning cosplay. Long-time attendees of the con swapped stories of StarFest over the years and celebrated the fun, friends, and family. There was so much to do. Inside the Marriott were GameFest, WhoFest, HorrorFest, KlingonFest, and more with ComicFest next door at the Hilton was ComicFest. Activities for all ages ran morning and night, and it was tough to make time for sleep.

As always the cosplay was the highlight. It was a weekend-long costume parade

showing off the love, passion, and talent that fans put into the stunning outfits. Cameras and phones were always out for the photo ops as every genre was represented from sci-fi and horror to anime, gaming, and pop culture. All ages participated in the creativity, from babies all the way up in the age spectrum. Everything imaginable and unimaginable was sewn, glued, and welded from TV shows, films, and gaming.

The activities this year were off the hook! Friday night was the big meet and greet where attendees got the chance hang out with the celebs like Christian Kane, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Hale Appleman, Jodelle Ferland, and more. Saturday night was a blast with the hugely popular costume contest, a Christian Kane concert, and of course the Federation Ball. This annual event gave nerds of all ages a chance to get their moves on to pop songs and StarFest favorites. Attire for the ball ranged from comfy geeky to “Fantastic Beasts” beauties to a towering Viking.

The original Chekov himself, Walter Koenig, spent his weekend interacting with his fans. People were on “Koenig Watch” as he could be found in Pint Brothers Alehouse restaurant swapping stories with fans, and even out on the Federation Ball dancefloor close to midnight. “Grimm” fans were thrilled that David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch stepped in after Ming-Na Wen was unable to attend. Giuntoli came straight from his bachelor party to join his fiance Bitsie on stage at StarFest. The two are to be married in the very near future. Along with Christian Kane, fans will get to meet “Dark Matter” star Jodelle Ferland, Hale Appleman, Walter Koenig, Rene Auberjonois, Mike Quinn, and the list went on.

The dealer’s room was always hopping with enthusiastic shoppers looking for those hard to find gems to take home. Vendors from around the country brought their T-shirts, photos, collectibles, jewelry, weaponry, and gadgets of every/all kind. It was the place to be.

Cory Gray who's StarFest T-shirt this year was a pure work of art.

The weekend-long event was back home at the newly remodeled Denver Marriott DTC hotel. Not everyone was thrilled with the renovations; namely because of the elimination of the long adored atrium balconies. However, most embraced its sleek modern new look of the hotel. The guestrooms were bigger and most everything had a nice open feel to it. Thanks go out to the Walker Family and all the shiny volunteers. Special mention to Cory Gray who’s StarFest T-shirt this year was a pure work of art.

‘Evita’ opens strong at the Lone Tree Arts Center


'Evita' the Lone Tree Arts Center. Photo courtesy of Danny Lam, used with permission

Buenos Aires came to life with the Lone Tree Arts Center performance of Evita.
The Andrew Lloyd Webber favorite opened to a packed house Apr. 13, 2017 in Lone Tree with all the energy and excitement a Broadway play deserved. It was obvious that the cast and crew put their hearts and souls into the must-see musical. Everything was shining in this amazing performance. The actors were incredibly talented, the sets were eye-catching, and costumes were stunning. The stage was filled with giant moving staircases and a wardrobe that included a glorious wedding dress befitting of Eva Peron’s style. This south of Denver beautiful venue delivered a big city production. Whether you’ve seen the play, the movie, or are new to Evita, this is an experience to be enjoyed.

'Evita' the Lone Tree Arts Center. Photo courtesy of Danny Lam, used with permission
Denver star Lauren Shealy commanded the stage as Eva Peron. Her voice carried through the auditorium with such beautiful clarity and strength. The lead role of Che was played by Broadway actor Miles Jacoby who invoked passion and that gave the audience goosebumps. Peron’s role was nailed by another Broadway actor, Jesse Sharp. It was directed by Gina Rattan who is known for a national tour of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, and it was choreographed by Sarah O’Gleby. New York-based Max Mamon led the orchestra that completely filled the room with beautiful music.

'Evita' the Lone Tree Arts Center. Photo courtesy of Danny Lam, used with permission

'Evita' the Lone Tree Arts Center. Photo courtesy of Danny Lam, used with permission
As usual, the venue came through from the moment the guest is greeted at the door, to the friendly and knowledgeable ushers who lead the way to the very comfy seats. There also happens to not a bad seat in the place. The Lone Tree Arts Center has so much to offer. Heads up to Denver area geeks, the first episode of the year for the National Geographic Live will feature Kevin Hand: The Search for Life Beyond Earth. Other upcoming attractions are set to include classical music by Scott O’Neill and Rosetta Music Society, and 2017 Grammy Award-winner O’Connor Band featuring Mark O’Connor will treat audiences to Americana and bluegrass music.

What happens to be their last theatrical production for the season, Evita runs through Apr. 29, 2017 with evening and matinee performances available. Tickets are nicely priced from $33-$70 and can be found on the website or by calling 720-509-1000.

DINK Denver brought indie comics and art to life




Charlie LaGreca‘s love, passion, and vision came to life in the second annual Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo. DINK took place last weekend Apr 8-9, 2017 in downtown Denver, CO. The next generation of talent was featured this year along with wide-open eyes, food trucks, cocktails, panels, and activities for everyone. The youth of all ages took over three floors that were bursting with creativity, passion, and love at the newly restored McNichols Civic Center Building. According to one of the Guests of Honor, Mario Hernandez (Love and Rockets) said that he was inspired by the crowd. “All these young people. Just seeing them. Seeing that people are saying oh boy; comics! They’re relevant, and I’m like thank you.” Comics are always relevant and events like this bring out the best in people.


Live at the DINKY Awards

DINK had floor after floor of activities. Ready to get serious? There were panels on kickstarting that comic, indie publishing, diversity, and workshops for kids. Saturday night there was the coloring and cocktails event where crayons took center stage. Of course, the main event was the DINKY Awards ceremony where excellence in independent comics was recognized. The show was as hilarious as it was inspirational. It was hosted by Alan Brooks with “Drunk Vanna” handing out the DINKY awards. The winners were honored and the audience was entertained.

This year’s event featured indie art, literature, zines, and underground comics. There was so much to do. Kelly Shortandqueer with the Denver Zine Library held some arts and crafts fun with Zine Making 101. Not only did he dish out pens, paper, and fun instructions, he shed some light on why making a zine can be for everyone. Zines can be created on any type of paper with all manner of stories. It can even be published on zebra pink duct tape. Kelly’s advice to our youth is to “just do it. Put it on paper and say something. You’ve created something, and there’s no limit.”

One of the tables on the second floor was run by Mateo Cantu with Paper Dream Productions. Mateo was excited to be a part of DINK because it was an indie show. He loved that it was local and was a big family get together. “It’s kinda nice to just draw bionic bears,” Cantu said. People dig that, instead of hey can you draw Wolverine 13 times.” That is what this expo was all about, and fans look forward to next year.