Meet tonight’s ‘Supernatural’ guest star Tarun Keram

Tarun Keram had always wanted to be on “Supernatural”. The popular guest actor plays the role of Jakob on the CW’s staple series, and he shares about his experience on the set. Originally from Surrey, BC, the actor and producer is best known for his roles in “Life Sentence”, “Lucifer”, “Prison Break”, and just finished a spot on the “Charmed” reboot. Check out Tarun in tonight’s episode of called ‘Unfinished Business‘. He loves producing and directing short films and looks forward to more projects with behind the camera.

promotional photos of supernatural episode unfinished business 22057726581..jpg
Tarun Keram on the set of ‘Supernatural.’ Photo courtesy of Tarun Keram and the CW

Colleen Bement: Welcome to the “Supernatural family” with your role as Jakob in tonight’s episode airing Apr. 26, 2018. I know that you can’t share much, but tell my readers about your experience on the set.

Tarun Keram: I was actually quite nervous heading to set on my first day. I had my last episode of “Life Sentence”, which is only on its first season, and then went straight onto this show. The cast and crew of “Supernatural” have been working together for 13 seasons! It’s like showing up to a party where everyone knows each other, but you. That’s what I thought anyway. The cast and crew were amazing, and so friendly.

Richard Speight Jr., who plays Gabriel, was also the director of the episode. I can’t tell you enough of how contagious his energy was. He works hard, but also has a ton of fun in the process. That helped me get through my shyness and it reminded me that we’re all in this machine together trying to make something special.

CB: Did you happen to be a fan of “Supernatural” before the audition?

TK: I was a HUGE fan. I had a free block in high school to “study”, but I would just go home and watch “Supernatural”. That being said, I probably auditioned for “Supernatural” 50 times, before I got this part.

lucy hale, tarun keram & shannon kent1934465945..jpg
Tarun Keram on the set of ‘Life Sentence’ with Lucy Hale and Shannon Kent. Photo courtesy of Tarun Keram

CB: What are you allowed to tell us about projects that you have in the horizon?

TK: I just finished shooting a small part for the reboot of “Charmed”, and then I head to Kamloops, B.C. for two weeks to shoot a feature film called “Red Snow”. I have snipers trained on me so I can’t really say more than that!

CB: You’ve produced quite a few projects. What is it like for you to be behind the camera?

TK: I love producing and directing shorts. It’s nice to take a break from big sets and just make movies with your friends who have been in it with you since the beginning. It keeps everyone sharp, and it’s always great to learn all the steps involved in making a movie. The casting aspect was a huge eye opener. The people behind the desk want you to do well. They are always hoping you’re right for the part. If the right person doesn’t walk in then we won’t have a movie!

CB: How did you catch the acting bug?

TK: Every Sunday I used to go to the flea market with my dad and brother. We would just go home and watch movies. It was the best part of my week. That and when it was Friday we would go to Blockbuster to rent a movie. I caught the acting bug quite early, but I didn’t act on it until I dropped out of University to pursue acting. Fun fact! I dropped out of the same university as Ryan Reynolds.


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