‘Jessica Jones’ actor Hal Ozsan on working with Krysten Ritter and latest projects

People are taking a great deal of interest in the actor who portrays the debonair Griffin Sinclair in season two of the critically acclaimed show Jessica Jones, actor Hal Ozsan. Positive reviews began coming in for Hal Ozsan’s performance as soon as the highly anticipated second season dropped on Netflix.

The popular actor is well-known among Supernatural fans for his spot in the fifth season of CW’s hit Supernatural. As the show is now heading into its 14th season, the actor is a bit shocked by the fact that, at least once a week, someone new reaches out to say they loved him in the show. “It was a quick money job. I was in one episode!” He does not quite ‘get’ the attention his appearance in the single episode ‘Curious Case of Dean Winchester’ still brings his way. His performance and charisma as ‘Patrick,’ the 900 year-old witch, was captivating. The character was cocky, acidic, humorous, terrifying and heartbreaking. Ozsan found himself with a big fanbase.

'Jessica Jones' actor Hal Ozsan
‘Jessica Jones’ actor Hal Ozsan. Photo courtesy of Luber Roklin Entertainment

Nerd Alert News met up with Hal recently for coffee and conversation in Los Angeles.

The meet took place at a small roadside coffee shop that was once frequented by the likes of The Doors and The Mamas and The Papas. The Bohemian, creative vibe can still be felt and provided the perfect setting to discuss Ozsan’s latest projects.

First topic of conversation – Jessica Jones. Due to the extreme secrecy surrounding Jessica Jones and all things within the Marvel Universe, Ozsan auditioned for his role without reading actual pages from the show’s script. When he was cast and arrived on set, he still knew nothing about his character. With the enthusiasm of every little boy who grew up reading comic books, his first question on arrival was “Do I have super powers?!” Alas, the answer was “No Dude, you don’t.” He had been cast to play the charming, fully human, international reporter, Griffin Sinclair, love interest of Trish Walker, played by Rachael Taylor.

Things were not immediately comfortable on set for the new arrival. He had been advised by long time best friend James Van Der Beek to tone down his personality a bit on set, especially around Krysten Ritter. “Are you saying I’m loud and obnoxious?” Apparently, that was exactly what James was saying and told him to “behave.” Van Der Beek knew from previous experience working with her on Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 that Krysten Ritter is all business. Ozsan did attempt to behave while filming and was thoroughly impressed with Krysten’s leadership on the show. He described her as a “total bad-ass boss lady.” However, he was getting the feeling that Ritter was not impressed with him.

About a month into filming, the already wary actor received a phone call at his home, from his agent; at 9pm. “How is it going on set with Krysten Ritter?” Alarmed, partially due to the timing of the call and with his friend’s warning rattling around in his head, Hal’s first thought is “F*CK. Am I being fired?”

As it turned out, Krysten Ritter had sent an absolutely glowing review of his performance and work ethic to the head of casting and other higher-ups at the network. He was thrilled with the compliments from the well-respected ‘boss lady’ and relieved to find that he did, indeed, still have a job. He approached Krysten the next day on set to offer a sincere, heartfelt thank you for the kind gesture. She responded flatly “Oh. You heard about that? Yeah, you’re good.” And walked away. All business.

In addition to having an impressive acting resume, Ozsan is also an accomplished musician, vocalist and songwriter. He stepped away from acting from 2006-2008 to focus on this other passion. His hard-hitting rock band, Poets & Pornstars, received national airplay with their debut release and soon opened on hot-ticket tours for Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses and Alice in Chains.

Reunited last year, the band had recorded three new songs. The new work sounds a bit edgier than the first release from the band, with a hint of alternative flavor. One of the tracks brought Nine Inch Nails to mind. The last track, a softer song, was heart-wrenching and beautiful. Ozsan’s voice has never sounded stronger or smoother.

Latest news on Ozsan’s rock band: Hal shook his head and after a long pause said ‘Poets & Pornstars’ has always existed in that last segment VH1 Behind the Music, where everything falls apart.” He went on to explain that the band had “imploded” shortly after recording the three new tracks. I did not hide my disappointment and Ozsan reassured fans that there would eventually be more music, possibly from a collaboration with bandmate & friend Sally Hope.

What is up next for this artist? Hal has recently completed work on two different films. The Last Moment of Clarity, starring Samara Weaving from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Carly Chaiken, best known for Mr. Robot, is now in post-production. He describes the film as a “Philip K. Dick type love story” and seems proud of the piece as he goes on to say it’s “going to be something special.”

He also plans to continue writing. The last project he contributed to, as writer and co-producer, was Vice Channel’s What Would Diplo Do? The show stars James Van Der Beek who gives a brilliant performance as a fictionalized version of the world-famous DJ, Diplo. Hal has nothing but praise for Van Der Beek. Calling him “One of the most talented actors of all my peers. He is completely underestimated. There is absolutely nothing he can’t f*cking do.” The show is unlike any comedy around at the moment. It is a bit odd, heartfelt and hysterical. Van Der Beek took what could have been a one-dimensional character and gave him numerous layers of genius, idiocy and a soul. Whether or not there will be a second season is currently unknown.

Ozsan appears to have a lot of irons in the fire. Even when he doesn’t, he keeps creative running plays with friends, taking classes and making music. “A lot of people think they need permission to do their art. I don’t need to be paid to do my art. I can just pick up a guitar and stand on the street corner.” It won’t come to that, but if it did, no doubt he would draw a crowd.

By Jonea Pierce

By Jonea Pierce
Jonea Pierce is a creative and kick-ass funeral director, wife, and mom of three who geeks out over books, yoga, doggos, and coffee.

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