StarFest 2018 leaves fans with three days of memories

Firefly family at StarFest
Firefly family at StarFest

StarFest 2018 filled the Marriott DTC with memories this past weekend Apr. 20-21, 2018. This convention had ALL the “fests.” StarFest, ComicFest, GameFest, KlingonFest, ArtFest, ScienceFest, ModelFest, and Harry Potter fans revealed in “Avistrum.” It was not only a collection of festivals, it was a reunion of friends. StarFest and its family-run annual event drew fans from all over the Rocky Mountain region; many of whom have been attending since 1977.


Every year these parents and grandparents have excited new generations of fans show off their finest creative cosplay. They come to get up close and personal with celebrities, hang out with friends, show off stunning cosplay, and learn from panel experts. The fans not only leave with memories, they come home with photo ops, autographs, and of course dealer’s room treasures.

This year StarFest snagged super cool guests like LeVar Burton (Star Trek: TNG), Penny Johnson Jerald (The Orville, 24), Malcolm Barrett (Timeless), Gigi Edgley (Farscape), Roger Cross(Dark Matter), Dean Devlin, Mary Chieffo (Star Trek Discovery), and the list went on. The celebs not only offered up autographs and photo ops, but they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and interacted with the fans. Cross and Barrett were found on the Federation Ball dance floor as well as chilling out with the attendees in the hotel’s pub.


Today was back to the real world for Sci-fi, comic, and gaming enthusiasts. However, today also began the all-important planning for next year’s StarFest 2019. Stay posted to their social media for updates.



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