Interview with ‘Supernatural’ guest actor Timothy Beckmann

Timothy Beckmann plays Father Davis in this week’s highly anticipated “Supernatural” episode ‘Bring ‘em Back Alive.” Originally from Vancouver, BC the veteran actor worked on the stage and screen in London for over 20 years, and after returning to Canada, he has full schedule. He is known for his latest roles in “Legends of Tomorrow”, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”, and many popular video games such as The Division, Lego City, Star Wars: Battlefront, Alien: Isolation, and more. Nerd Alert News caught up with Tim to chat “Supernatural” and fun projects that he has been a part of.

Colleen Bement: You play Father Davis in this week’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Bring ’em Back Alive.’ My readers would just love to hear about your experience on the set.

Timothy Beckmann: It’s such a great show to work on because it’s like a big family that loves to have guests. The scene that I was shooting was super fun. It was extremely serious and intense but everyone had such a good sense of humor about it. I was working with Mark Pellegrino and he’s so clever and talented. Such a pleasure to work with. The whole team created such a creepy atmosphere and that really got me into the scene.

Tim Beckmann
Timothy Beckmann. Photo courtesy of Ric Bacon 2016

CB: What’s on your horizon that you’re allowed to talk about?

TB: There are a couple of possible gigs in the pipeline but of course I can’t talk about them. As a regular jobbing actor, I’m also casting for different projects all the time and we’ll see what happens. My kids and family fill my days beyond brimming when I’m not working.

CB: You have voiced so many fabulous video games. Can you even narrow down a couple favorites of yours?

TB: I’d have to say that I loved doing The Division. I played the head of the Cleaners, Joe Ferro and he was a bad ass character to portray. Lego City games are always fun because they have hilarious scripts. Alien: Isolation was the creepiest one of all.

Tim Beckmann.
Tim Beckmann. Photo credit to Ric Bacon, 2016

CB: You played Captain Antilles in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” I personally loved the film! What was that experience like?

TB: It was a huge set, huge budget, hundreds of people running this way and that, but it felt well-tuned. Everybody was working their hardest and doing their best and feeling privileged to be a part of such an epic story. Antilles was in a couple of scenes, but the only one that really made it was the last one as you know. It was great to be involved in such an iconic moment.

CB: What do you like best about performing on stage as opposed to film?

TB: Stage is so immediate. It is an actors’ medium. You spend a lot of time rehearsing, perfecting developing your character and the story and then each night it has a life of its own. Standing back stage is such a rush just before you cross the threshold and you feel hundreds of pairs of eyes watching your every move in real time. I love it.

CB: Do you happen to have any hidden talents? The quirkier the better.

TB: I think of myself as a jack of all trades and a master of none. As an actor you kind of have to be able to do most things when asked or at least fake it. I did ride an ostrich in an ad a few years ago and by the end of it, i managed to stay on! That was huge!


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