Tiffany Smith chats about her badass ‘Supernatural’ role

Tiffany Smith is a cosplaying–Elvish tattoo wearing–super talent that we will be seeing a lot more of in the future. Fresh off her hosting of the Los Angeles premiere of the hot new film “Rampage,” she has exciting projects in the works. Last night’s “Supernatural” episode featured Smith in the strong and badass role of Ophelia and CW fans hope to see her again soon.

Born in the heart of showbiz, Los Angeles, CA Tiffany is well-known for co-hosting on AMC’s “Geeking Out” with Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg, her fabulous work on her YouTube channel, on “Jane the Virgin,” and now she’s joined the “Supernatural family”. Get to know fellow nerd and super talented actress, writer, and producer.

Colleen Bement: “Supernatural” fans would love to hear about your experience on the set of this Thursday’s episode ‘The Thing’. What are you allowed to share? Did you have a blast playing Ophelia?

Tiffany Smith: I had such an insanely amazing time on set. Seeing the show, knowing the dynamic and hearing from so many people what a great set “Supernatural” was really made me excited. Now I can tell you first hand that yes this set is so fun, warm and welcoming. Being a guest star you never know who you will get to have scenes with until you book the job and read the full episode. I was lucky enough to get to have scenes with both Jared and Jensen and they are just so are so fun playful. I was cool to see what they have created on that set over 13 seasons and definitely inspired me as an actress. And getting to play a character like Ophelia who is strong and badass and can protect her own and even some people who you might not thing need protecting was so awesome. I really hope I get to explore more of the world that Ophelia opens up in this episode. Hoping the fans are as excited about it as I am.

CB: From one nerd to another, your IMDB is impressive and so much fun. What can you tell us about your latest projects in the works?

TS: Oh man I seriously have to pinch myself sometime when I think about all the stuff I have gotten to do and what could be coming down the line; but, that is the funny and fun part about working in this world of geek life, so much of it is secretive. What can I share? Just this week I got to host the premiere of “Rampage” in Los Angeles, which for a girl who played the game seeing these characters come to life on the big screen is a MUST! It’s so much fun! And speaking of video games; just had a voiceover session on the Warner Brother lot for a game that I am so pumped about but that is all I can say for now, but when I can share trust me I will! This weekend I am headed to Chicago to do some hosting with SyFy which will be fun. Sitting down talking all things geek live just like I do with my friends at home and calling that work it just pretty amazing. In the mix of all of that, I am producing my first film this year with my production company, Connect Films, that I worked with on “House of Demons.”

CB: You were fabulous in your role as the reporter on “Jane the Virgin,” and you are constantly busy. By the way, your YouTube channel kicks ass! How did you catch the showbiz bug?

TS: That was so much fun I just could not stop laughing on set. And as for the acting bug, I grew up wanting to perform my parents actually have video of me giving a house tour at like seven years old. But, when I got a little older initially I thought I would be as a pop singer. I was in voice lessons and dance classes a lot growing up and did some acting as well. When it was time for college I, AKA my parents, haha, really encouraged me to major in something that was a bit more stable so I chose Broadcast Journalism which I thought was kind of close to acting. And the rest is history!

CB: Tell my readers all about co-hosting on AMC’s “Geeking Out“. What an experience that must have been.

TS: That was a super surreal project for me. I had gotten to interview Kevin Smith a few times prior to that for DC All Access and Fandango. So, I knew we had a good back and forth from chatting geek culture on and off camera. But, when I got a call for Geeking Out saying that Kevin Smith had requested me and he thought I would be a great fit and that I knew my stuff, I was beyond pumped. Not only was it a dream job, getting to know Kevin and Greg Grunberg better, but having Kevin’s stamp of approval for this geeky gal was a dream come true. And led to me being a part of a scripted table read for a project he was working on as well. I think that is something in this space that I love so much. The community family feels and how we all continue to think of each other for projects and other opportunities along the way.

Tiffany Smith. Photo Courtesy of Paul Smith
Tiffany Smith. Photo Courtesy of Paul Smith

CB: Let’s get to know you better with some rapid fire questions:

1) Favorite Sci-Fi film of all time: “Star Wars” and if I have to pick one…”A New Hope.”
2) Favorite author: J.R.R. Tolkien.

3) Favorite Superhero: Man this is a tough one… Growing up loving so many superheroes. I’m gonna break the rules and pick a few; Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Storm and Wolverine.

4) Have you ever cosplayed and what are your favorites? I have cosplayed quite a few actually haha. Wonder Woman, Lara Croft, Zatanna, X23, Miss America, Moana, Jasmine, Snow White I could go on; but I’ll leave you with that for now.

5) Favorite nerdy quote: It has to be from “Lord of the Rings”, from Galadriel. “And for you, Frodo Baggins, I give you the light of Earendil our most beloved star. May it be alight to you in dark places when all other lights go out.”
I actually have a tattoo in Elvish inspired by it.


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