Actor Carl Montoya considers ‘Supernatural’ role a wedding gift

Carl Montoya had been a fan of “Supernatural” from the beginning and had his dream come true with his guest role in tomorrow night’s episode ‘The Thing‘ airing Apr. 5, 2018. The Ecuadorian-Canadian actor landed the guest spot on the hit CW show just after getting married in his home country. What a wedding gift! After watching “Back to the Future” and Christopher Reeve’s “Superman”, he knew he wanted to be an actor. Montoya is known for his roles in “Impastor”, “What We Once Were”, “The Flash”, and soon to be released “It’s a Rough Life.”

Colleen Bement: “Supernatural” fans would love to hear about your experience on the set of this Thursday’s episode ‘The Thing‘. What are you allowed to share?

Carl Montoya: Unfortunately I can’t share too much about the episode itself, what I can tell you is that I’ve been a big fan of the show since the very beginning of it and I always dreamed on being in it. My amazing agent got me multiple auditions for different roles and a couple call backs with the producers and directors in the previous years until I finally landed a role this year; shorty after I returned from getting married in my home country. I took it as a wedding gift!

Other than that, on the day of shooting everyone both the crew and the fellow cast members was very professional and fun to work with. It was definitely a great day on set and I can’t wait to watch it!

CB: What can you tell us about your film “It’s a Rough Life?” I read that it’s Batman without the money or the morals. That has my attention.

CM: Yes. I like your analogy! It was a very interesting project to work on. I got to be a bad guy which is always fun to play and it has some green screen visual effects that has the influence of the film “Sin City”.

Actor Carl Montoya
Carl Montoya on the set of Impastor with Michael Rosenbaum. Photo courtesy of Carl Montoya.

CB: You’ve lived all over the place: Ecuador, Canada, Australia. Ecuador happens to be on my list to visit in the next few years. What was life like growing up there, and what inspired you to become an actor?

CM: I grew up in a small town of southern Ecuador where almost everyone knows each other. I got to be surrounded by nature, rivers and small mountains. I’m from a small family as well with one brother six years younger, therefore, I had lots of time to be by myself and explore things. And one day I discovered my father’s Betamax for the first time and got amazed with one of the movies my dad had and along with my favorite movies: “Back to the Future” and Christopher Reeve’s “Superman” I knew I wanted to be in them. Years later, I went to University in Ecuador where I took Multimedia Communications and I got to study film and made some funny shorts with my classmates. But it wasn’t until I came to Canada for the first time that I decided to pursue acting as a career since there’s a good amount of opportunities available here in my current Canadian home.

CB: What is a “bucket list” project that you would love to make happen? Would you like to write? Direct? Produce?

CM: I would love to produce at least one feature film in my lifetime and direct as well, even though acting is my biggest passion and I want to be able to tell stories that inspire people to be better human beings and be captured in the film or show eternally.

CB: Let’s get to know you with some rapid fire questions.

1:) Favorite comfort food: An Ecuadorian banana plantain-based dish called “Tigrillo”
2:) Favorite song right now: In my Blood by Shawn Mendes
3:) Favorite Sci-Fi film of all time: “Back to the Future”
4:) Favorite sport: Basketball


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