‘Supernatural’ and ‘Kin’ actor Jonathan Cherry shares set stories

Just back from a good day’s fishing, actor, Jonathan Cherry shared “Supernatural” set stories and how “Grease” inspired him to become an actor. A huge fan of old westerns, he checked off an item on his bucket list with his role as Dave Mather in the season 13 episode ‘Tombstone.’ Get to know the actor out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada who will soon to be seen opposite James Franco in the sci-fi/fantasy movie “Kin,” and “Another Wolfcop” which will be out on Netflix and other platforms soon.

Jonathan Cherry as Dave Mather on 'Supernatural'
Jonathan Cherry as Dave Mather on ‘Supernatural.’ Photo credit to Jonathan Cherry

Colleen Bement: You played gunfighter Dave Mather in this season’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Tombstone.’ What was your experience like on the set? Where there pranks or was it pretty serious?

Jonathan Cherry: It was the furthest thing from serious. I’m actually an old friend of Misha Collins. I hadn’t seen him in years I guess because he’s been in Vancouver working on “Supernatural.” The guys were so nice. I’ve guest starred on a lot of other shows, and they are always so welcoming. Jared and Jensen and the director (Nina Lopez-Corrado) were part of a well-oiled machine and they were having fun. I was surprised by how seriously they took it though. These guys truly honor the show and their fans. I actually prefer comedy and I thought Jensen was really funny in the episode. I was impressed by how funny he was.

CB: Are you a fan of the “old west”? What was it like to play a gunfighter?

JC: I am too. My favorite movie as a kid was a western, and it was a modern western, it was “Young Guns.” I saliterallyen I was eight years old and it was literraly my favorite movie until I was like 20 years old. I always wanted to do it and I never thought I would get a chance because I’m like a Jewish guy who does comedy. It was a ton of fun. They let me play a lot with it, and it was cool finding out that I was actually playing a real guy. You know what still sticks in my head? It’s one of the lines from “Young Guns?” ‘I’m a pugilist.’ And in “Young Guns 2” Christian Slater’s character was Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh. I knew odd, off the cuff random pop culture references about Arkansas Dave Rudabaugh.I don’t know why. “Young Guns 2” isn’t even good, and it’s stuck in my head.

CB: Tell your fans about “The House of the Dead.”

JC: That’s like the worst movie I’ve ever made. (laughs) It’s a classic director, Uwe Boll. They call him the German “Ed Wood.” It’s based on a very famous video game from the arcade. I had a ton of fun shooting it; I had a terrible time watching it.

Jonathan Cherry
Actor Jonathan Cherry. Photo credit to Collin Stark

CB: What can you say about your new film “Kin?”

JC: “Kin” is a sci-fi/fantasy movie starring James Franco and Zoë Kravitz, and Dennis Quaid, and it’s a going to be a cool movie. Part of my character is a big spoiler.

CB: How did you catch the acting bug?

JC: The movie “Grease.” When I was a little kid my favorite character in the movie was Kenickie. For some reason, I connected with that character and thought that’s the kind of guy I’m going to be; for real. I had a profound connection with that character. I’ve always been a huge movie buff and the movie “Titanic” was coming out and I saw the trailer. I was a big fan of DiCaprio at that time, and there was something epic about this boat with this kid on the end of it, and something clicked in me. I thought that was an industry that probably took like 10,000 people to make that movie, and I can hammer nails into a boat and be proud of it. Then came to terms with the fact that I really wanted to act, then I dropped out of the university, then went to film school in Vancouver, and started acting a year after that.


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