Get to know Jordan Claire Robbins of this week’s ‘Supernatural’

Jordan Claire Robbins
Jordan Claire Robbins. Photo credit to Vanessa Heins

Welcome, Jordan Claire Robbins to the “Supernatural” family with her role as Jamie Plum in this week’s episode called ‘Various & Sundry Villans.’ She plays one of the Plum Sisters in Thursday’s highly anticipated episode. Jordan grew up in beautiful Bermuda and is now a talented actress, writer, producer known for her roles in the series “12 Monkeys,” “Man Seeking Woman,” and recently for her cool new short film “Driver Is Arriving Now.” Check out her role alongside Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried in the upcoming film “Anon.”

Colleen Bement: Tell your fans about your role of Jamie Plum in this week’s “Supernatural” episode.

Jordan Claire Robbins: It was an absolute blast. I really loved working with the director, Amanda Tapping, and she created a really playful and collaborative energy while shooting. The entire cast and crew of the show work together like a well-oiled machine and the set could not have been more positive or welcoming to walk onto! And I loved the opportunity to do my own stunts.

CB: Your IMDB is just exploding with cool projects. What can you share about the very cool film “Anon” and any others that you have in the works?

JCR:Anon” was a really great experience. I loved the concept and script right away. Andrew Niccol is an amazing writer and director, and all of his movies really make you think. He has a brilliant mind and it was very cool to be able to step into this world he created. His directing style was very hands-on and technical, which is why all of his films have such a distinct style. I have also respected Clive Owen’s work for a long time so it was a very exciting opportunity to meet and work with him (he was lovely and made me feel very comfortable). Since finishing “Anon,” I produced a darkly comedic short film that I wrote, called “Driver Is Arriving Now.” Producing and seeing something I wrote come to life was a very unique experience. I learned a lot from taking on that role and then learning how to switch from writing/producing brain to actor brain. I think being behind the camera makes you a better actor and artist, and I have a lot of newfound respect for the amount of work that goes into a film from all angles.

CB: I read that you are also a singer/songwriter. What genre of music do you love?

JCR: I have always had a deep love for music, and growing up I played the piano, flute, and sang. In high school, I sang a lot of classical music as well as in a jazz band, but now I tend to lean more towards performing acoustic, folky styles of music. In terms of what genres I love to listen to, I have a very eclectic and widespread range of taste. I often listen to classical music or old jazz songs and love throwing on performers like The Temper Trap and Vance Joy. I also enjoy the classics like Johnny Cash and Fleetwood Mac. The best music makes you feel something, and I usually use it to help me connect with characters I’m playing.

CB: Did you really grow up in Bermuda? Wow, what was that like?

JCR: I did! I was born there and lived there until I graduated from High School, which is when I moved to Canada. Bermuda was a really special, beautiful place to grow up. On Fridays, after school my family anchored our boat in a little bay and ate pizza and swam, and every year we would at least have a few hurricane days (which I loved because there’s something really romantic about having no power, lighting candles, and staying cozied up inside while it rages outside). It’s a really small island and it feels very safe and friendly. I graduated with most of the same kids I was in first grade with. Growing up on an island gave me a deep love for and connection to the ocean, and I don’t like to be away from it for too long.

CB: How do you unwind after a crazy day of filming?

JCR: I’m a big fan of sweatpants and tea, and I’ll usually throw on some Netflix and order takeout or cook. Even when it’s super late I can’t go right to bed because I love being onset and it gets me pretty wired, but I love to read and that helps me wind down so I can sleep well after a crazy day.


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