Get to know actor, writer, producer, and all-around badass Mike Kovac

Mike Kovac
Mike Kovac. Photo courtesy of Mike Kovac

Get to know actor, writer, producer, and all-around badass Mike Kovac. Out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada this super talent has been in such hot shows as “Travelers,” “The 100,” “Tin Star,” and he’s returning to “Supernatural” in this week’s episode ‘Various & Sundry Villans.’ He’s also a walla performer and chances are we have all heard his voice on practically every show. Find out more about this guy who loves to play the bad guy and loves being a nerd.

Colleen Bement: You are in Thursday’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Various & Sundry Villans.’ What was it like on the set?

Mike Kovac: Working on set, in general, is always a blast, and working on the set of “Supernatural” is especially great. I’ve had the privilege of working with the team on two different episodes now as two different characters (which checks off a personal goal of mine) and both experiences have been absolute riots. My original role was ‘Jackson’ the demon in season 7, which treated me to two weeks of showing up on set and throwing people around via telekinesis. Who doesn’t want that job?! Within a single episode, I got to be a Leslie Odom Jr.’s lackey, beat up DJ Qualls with my mind (both of whom were absolute gentlemen), and duke it out with Emily Perkins (who I have wanted to work with since seeing her rock the screen in “Ginger Snaps”). It was fantastic! (Spoiler Alert: I got to settle the score with Emily in “Extraterrestrial,” which shot a few years later.) As well, working with Jared and Jensen was lovely. Both were very inviting in welcoming me to set and made me feel like part of the family.

Returning this time around was like coming back into the fold. I had the pleasure of working with Amanda Tapping of “Stargate SG-1” fame (among others) again as our director. Our paths crossed originally on “Van Helsing,” where she brought out the very best in our vampires. Stunt royalty was present in the form of Mr. Rob Hayter, our coordinator! Rob’s stunt list is literally in the triple digits, and will likely be most identifiable to fans as “Bob” from “Deadpool.”

Needless to say, it was fun – always fun. The show is a well-oiled machine run by great people. The stories are always interesting and engaging, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it once more.

Mike Kovac - Wrestlevention
Mike Kovac (left) in Wrestlevention. Photo courtesy of Mike Kovac

CB: My readers would just love to hear any stories that you have from the sets of these fabulous shows. What can you tell us about “Travelers,” “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” and “Arrow?”

MK: Interestingly enough I’ve never actually been to set for “Travelers” or “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” even though I work on the shows! Since they’ve started up I’ve been working in the sound department as a walla performer, which is both a little-known and very enjoyable aspect of the film and television world. What we do in walla is probably an interview on its own, but let’s just sum it up by saying that if you’ve heard a character breathe, a room full of people chatting, or a bad guy getting beaten up in a fight scene in “Travelers,” “Dirk Gently,” “Ice,” “Motive,” “Some Assembly Required,” etc. you’ve probably heard my voice!

When it comes to “Arrow,” “Legends of Tomorrow,” “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour,” and so on, let’s just say the name of the game is the bad guy. Almost always a bad guy…and a bad guy who gets beaten up usually. I don’t know what it is about my appearance, but there seems to be a market in seeing me get knocked around. Ha! I actually really enjoy playing villains. There’s always a pretty decent need for them within storytelling, and they’re just more fun. It’s very cathartic to threaten people on screen and then joke around and be friends after “cut” is called. One of my favorite experiences on set was working on the WWE film “Interrogation,” where I got to work with Adam Copeland (Edge). He was one of my favorite wrestlers when I was growing up, and I’m happy to report that he is kind, hard-working, and an absolute professional in real life.

Mike Kovac Victory Square
Mike Kovac (right). Photo courtesy of Mike Kovac

CB: Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re allowed to talk about?

MK: Upcoming projects for me include an episode of “The 100” I had the extreme pleasure in taking part in. I can’t give anything away, but let’s just say I get to be where the action is. Another film on the horizon is called “Fake Blood,” which is currently doing the festival circuit. It is a documentary that takes a look at violence portrayed in film and television and what responsibility filmmakers have in how it’s portrayed and received. It’s definitely been one of the most interesting and engaging projects I’ve ever taken part in, and the reaction from audiences has been very unique. Violence in the arts seems to be a subject which everyone has an opinion on, but it’s unclear if anyone has any authority over. All I can say is check out the film when you get the chance.

Mike Kovac
Mike Kovac (left). Photo courtesy of Mike Kovac

CB: You’ve done it all from acting and writing, to sound and stunts.What inspired you to get into showbiz?

MK: I suppose I’ve always been involved in showbiz in one form or another. I truly love storytelling and have since I was very young. I can’t remember when I first stepped on stage, but it eventually led to me doing my initial professional acting at 17 and then leaving for three years of touring at 18. I find each aspect of film, television, theatre, radio, and beyond individually fascinating and collectively beautiful. I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with wonderful, passionate, and caring people, and I’ll keep this up as long as folks will have me. I’m very lucky!

CB: So many of my readers are nerds, do you happen to have any “nerd tendencies” like comics, gaming, or collectibles?

MK: I have SO many nerd tendencies and am very proud of them. I’m currently re-reading my way through the Star Wars Legends extended universe, while trying to educate myself on the current canon simultaneously. Favorite graphic novels include The Sandman (or let’s face it – ANYthing Neil Gaiman), Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, and Blankets. I’m having the BEST time playing Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4, and favorite games of all time include WWF No Mercy, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Witcher 3, The Uncharted Series, and Command and Conquer: Red Alert. There are too many collectibles to mention. It’s just…a lot. I revel in being a nerd and hope others do too!


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