Actress Elise Gatien chats fun on set of ‘Supernatural’

“Supernatural” fans welcome Elise Gatien back to the set with her role in this week’s episode ‘Various & Sundry Villans.’ This talented actress who is already well known for popular shows such as “Ghost Wars,” “Colony,” and “iZombie” can also be spotted on one of the CW’s newest shows “Life Sentence.” Catch Elise’s stories from the set with Jared, Jensen, and this week’s director, Amanda Tapping. The former model was born in Kamloops, British Columbia and his the ski slopes whenever possible.

Colleen Bement: You play the role of Jennie Plum is this week’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Various & Sundry Villans.’ Tell us about your experience on the set.

Elise Gatien: Playing Jennie Plum was honestly some of the most fun I have ever had on set.  Steve Yockey wrote such evil, hilarious yet heartbreaking characters for Jordan Claire Robbins and I, and Amanda Tapping our talented, kick ass director helped us bring it to another level. It was also such a treat to work with Jared and Jensen, it was really cool to watch their dynamic with each other. They really feel like brothers, they are constantly laughing and having fun with the crew but also somehow manage to be productive and professional while they do it.

CB: Are you a fan of “Supernatural” and any other CW shows?

EG: Yes I am! I actually have a lot of CW favorites. We are so lucky to have a lot of CW shows shoot in Vancouver, so a lot of them I have started watching as either research or to support my friends, and then I always seem to get hooked.  One that stands out of course is “Riverdale,” I mean who doesn’t have a girl crush on Cheryl Blossom, let’s get real.

CB: Do you have any projects in the works that you’re allowed to chat about?

EG: “Ghost Wars” is a show very dear to my heart that I spent last summer pouring my heart into. I play Maggie Rennie who also just happens to be a ghost. The first season will be coming to Netflix worldwide soon, so make sure you check it out.  I am currently working on season 3 of “Colony,” which is very exciting for me because I am already such a big fan of the show and I will also be making an appearance on one of the CW’s newest shows “Life Sentence,” so keep your eye out for me!

CB: I read that you love to travel. What are two of you “bucket list” countries that you want to visit?

EG: Yes! Number one on my list is definitely Croatia, my favorite types of places to travel to are hot with beautiful beaches that also have cool cities with lots of culture that I can immerse myself into. A few years ago I did Spain and Portugal with some girlfriends, I would love to go back and explore more of Portugal as well, we only went to Lisbon and we all fell in love and wished we had had more time to see the rest of the country.

CB: I see that you like to ski. Do you love hitting the black diamonds or chilling on the greens?

EG: Skiing is very dear to my heart. Skiing was my dads’ passion, so he taught all us kids before we could even walk. I even used to ski race when I was younger. I must say I prefer either a groomed black diamond or hiking for some powder in the backcountry.

CB: How has your life changed since becoming an actress?

EG: To be honest I don’t really think it has, I can tell you what it has taught me though. Be true to yourself, make strong choices and always buy cancelation insurance on your flights.


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