Interview with ‘Supernatural’ guest star Sarah Dugdale

Sarah Dugdale returns to “Supernatural” with her guest spot as Donna Hanscum’s niece in Thursday’s episode Breakdown. The lovely and talented young actress chats how much she loved “getting all bloody and dirty” on the set of the new episode as well as her other cool film “Hollow in the Land” due out Jan. 26, 2017. Get to know the Canadian born talent also known for her role as Sarah in SyFy’s “Aftermath” and Becky in CW’s “Arrow.”

Colleen Bement: What are you allowed to share about your upcoming role as Wendy Hanscum in the next “Supernatural” episode called ‘Breakdown?’

Sarah Dugdale: Wendy Hanscum is just your average high school grad on a little road trip when things take a bit of a turn. From the promo you can gather that she’s in a bit of a sticky situation so there’s no hiding that. My Aunt Donna (Briana Buckmaster) is on a race to save me before it’s too late. It was an intense few days of shooting for me but I loved every minute of it. Getting all bloody and dirty was pretty fun too.

CB: Tell your fans about your film “Hollow in the Land.” It looks intense and I see it is getting such good reviews!

SD: “Hollow in the Land” is an awesome small town thriller I had the privilege of working on written and directed by the very talented Scooter Corkle. We filmed up in his hometown of Castlegar, BC. He created some badass female characters led by the lovely Dianna Agron. The film premiered at Vancouver International Film Festival and has a limited theatrical release starting January 26th. Keep an eye out for it!

CB: What do you miss most about your time on “Aftermath?” That was such a cool show.

SD: I miss the people and getting to play such a beautifully complex and strong character. Right from the start I loved the role and her name was Sarah too so how could I not love her ha-ha. Getting to run around with a bow and arrow was a plus too!

CB: I came across a tweet of you at a Canucks game. Are you a big sports fan? Which sports are you in to?

SD: I love watching sports live. The atmosphere is electric. Sports have always been a part of my life. I grew up playing softball and dancing competitively. I go to hockey games with my dad whenever I can. The games are fun but getting to hang out with him is even better.

Sarah Dugdale.
Sarah Dugdale. Photo credit to David Salandanan Instagram @djuansala

CB:  How do you spend your free time?

SD: I’ve recently gotten back into skiing. We’re so lucky in Vancouver with easy access to world-class mountains. A trip up to Whistler is in the cards soon. I also love spending time with friends and family, reading, dancing, and seeing live music. I’d gladly spend all my money on concerts.


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