Get to know that charming mortician from ‘Supernatural’ actress Sarah Troyer

Sarah Troyer
Sarah Troyer. Photo credit to Natalie V. Instagram: nv.photoart

“Supernatural” fans know Sarah Troyer as the captivating mortician Athena from season 13’s episode Tombstone. When Sarah is not charming viewers on screen, she relaxes on the piano to play and sing movie soundtracks or hangs out with family and friends. The Calgary born actress is known for her roles in “Supernatural,” “My Little Pony: The Movie,” “Haunting Melissa: Dark Hearts,” “Wynonna Earp,” and “Incontrol.”

Sarah Troyer
Sarah Troyer. Photo credit to VNCVR Clothing instagram: vncvr_clothing

Colleen Bement: “Supernatural” fans would just love to hear about your experience on the set of the recent and fun “Supernatural” episode Tombstone. Tells us all about it.

Sarah Troyer: I had the absolute BEST time on set! Every single person both behind and in front of the camera was friendly, welcoming, and a blast to work with. Rarely do you get to be on a set where there are no egos and everybody gets along. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with such a great group of people.

I’ve been a fan of the show since I was a kid so I was super nervous and a bit star struck to be working with Jared and Jensen. Both of them love to have fun on set and encourage others to as well. Within a few takes, I was laughing along with them and felt much more relaxed!
CB: I have a friend who is a mortician and she told me how rare females are in that industry. How did you prep for the role of Athena?

ST: I mainly analyze the script when developing a character. Determine the why behind the words and actions. From there I’m able to determine a bit of backstory. I also love to find similar characters, either in my real life or from tv and movies to help add dimension. Females are rare in the mortician industry which definitely adds to Athena’s cool, unique character!
CB: What can you share about your upcoming film “Scorched Earth” that comes up next month? It sounds intense and right up my alley.

ST: Intense, action-packed, and Gina Carano is in it – a recipe for an awesome flick! Gina Carano plays a vigilante in a post-apocalyptic world. Not only does she have to track down criminals and survive encounters with them, but she also has to survive the elements of a devastated new world.

CB: You’re a singer and music composer. What are your passions in the world of music?

ST: I have always loved to play the piano and have found comfort in it. I began composing my own songs when I was a kid but the songwriting didn’t happen until after high school, after my first heartbreak. When I’m not composing or playing my own songs, I love to play and sing movie soundtracks and Michael Buble songs on the piano.

Sarah Troyer
Sarah Troyer laughing with friend, fellow actress, and lifestyle blogger Ruby Gillett

CB: When you get some downtime in your busy schedule, what makes you smile?

ST: Friends and family are my number one. Any time I can spend with loved ones is the best! I’m happy just sit and have a cup of coffee with them, but I also love to go to the beach, kayak, go the gym, and attend comedy shows with them.

Sarah Troyer
Sarah Troyer. Photo credit to Drew Buckler instagram: drewbuckler

CB: You are also a voice artist. What’s it like in the booth? How do you get into character in front of that lonely microphone?

ST: I LOVE being in the booth! The VO industry is a great one, full of great people. Although often I’m alone in the booth, the director and sometimes producers are on the other side of the glass and there’s always good energy flowing back and forth which helps with getting into character. But lots of times there are multiple mics in a booth and you get to work with other artists and that is amazing! A ton of laughs and it’s easy to feed off of one another’s energy.


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