‘Supernatural’ favorite DJ Qualls chats Mr. Fizzles and ‘Man in the High Castle’

DJ Qualls enjoying the Colorado Springs Comic Con After PartyDJ Qualls is loved for his roles in “Supernatural,” “Man in the High Castle,” “The New Guy,” “Road Trip,” and “Z Nation.” The Prada model turned actor entertains with everything from comedy to drama. Qualls had a long line of fans excited to meet their favorite and swap stories at the recent Colorado Springs Comic Con Aug. 25-27, 2017. Nerd Alert News grabbed some time with DJ to chat about “The Man in the High Castle,” his “Supernatural” buds Jared, Jensen, and of course Mr Fizzles.

Colleen Bement: Just a statement first: Fans miss Garth terribly! We know how busy you are, but we keep our hopes up that you will return to “Supernatural.”

DJ Qualls: I was just talking with Jared and Jensen. I’m in Vancouver right now filming a show called “The Man in the High Castle,” and you know “Supernatural” also films there. I live four buildings down from Jared; and I see Jared a lot, actually. So we were talking about it and he said Ya know you’re still alive on the show, and Jensen and I we talked about you a lot this year. He’s (Jared) like why aren’t you on the show? I was like I don’t know. So I guess we’re going to talk to the producers try to work my way back. I wanna go back.

CB: It won’t be during a full moon.

DQ: No, it will not be during a full moon.

CB: Did you get to keep Mr. Fizzles?

DQ: I have Mr. Fizzles. So “Supernatural” is really reluctant to give away props. I’m one of the few people that have ever gotten something from the show. The day before Christmas, a messenger showed up with Mr. Fizzles, and they brought him to me. Now he lives in my sock drawer. I used to travel with him, like for conventions and stuff, but now I do it very sparingly. I zipped him up in my suitcase once, and he got really damaged. I had to have him fixed. The lady who fixed him did a genius job and you can’t tell, but he’s kind of a part of pop culture; not really something to be played with and taken out. I love him. It’s a great memory for me, and also it was so sweet of them to do that for me.

DJ Qualls and Ana MacDonellat Colorado Springs Comic Con
Photo courtesty of Ana MacDonell

CB: Thankfully we get to see you in “The Man in the High Castle” and your character is wonderful. What is it like filming that series?

DQ: Thank you. You know it’s interesting. It’s like anything you get used to it. Like the Nazi iconography at first it’s really jarring, or you walk past a trailer and you’re like oh Hitler’s working today. Our character’s names are on our trailers. I took a picture of it. I thought it was hilarious. The central cast; the core seven of us have known each other since 2014 so we’ve been together a long time. We just go and talk about whatever, like any normal job to us now. I was on set the other day: It was with Alexa Davalos who plays Juliana, the lead, was in a scene with another man who is our good buddy and they were kissing. It was like our siblings were kissing; it was grossing me out.


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