‘Arrow’s Elysia Rotaru chats new film ‘Residue’

Actress Elysia Rotaru
Actress Elysia Rotaru. Photo credit to Katja Martin

Actress Elysia Rotaru is known for her roles in “Arrow,” “Supernatural,” “Reapers,” and can soon be seen alongside Danny Trejo in “Dead Again in Tombstone,” and also will be in “Heart of Clay,” “Hard Powder,” and “Genesis Code” She is also in the new twisted little horror film “Residue” was released last month July 2017 and alongside Rotaru are some well-known sci-fi actors such as Matt Frewer, William B. Davis, and many others.

Elysia Rotaru
Elysia Rotaru in new horror film ‘Residue’

Colleen Bement: I’m looking forward to seeing “Residue.” What can you share about being involved in such a cool project?

Elysia Rotaru: “Residue” was something I wanted to be a part of when I found out a couple of colleagues of mine were creating it. I always love working with friends and people I know, especially on independent projects. Also, the film totally tickled my fancy as it was right up my alley, being a bit of a horror thriller film.

CB: I loved your character of Taiana on season four of “Arrow.” Tell fans all about your experiences on the set.

ER: Thank you. You know, if I tell you about all my experiences, I’d have to write a novel. Every time I stepped foot onto the set, no matter where we were, it was completely new and exciting. The writers kept everyone on their toes, including myself and a lot of the other actors, which made for a fun experience. It was really cool to be part of a series that shoots in my own backyard. I loved being able to wake up and drive myself to set in Squamish, B.C., Langley, B.C., or the studios. I also learned a lot from working so closely with Stephen Amell, Jimmy Akingbola, and Ryan Robbins, and I loved that James Bamford was so encouraging and supportive in allowing me to do the majority of my physical work, and gave Taiana strength.

Actress Elysia Rotaru
Actress Elysia Rotaru. Photo credit to Katja Martin

CB: What are you allowed to share about all of your cool projects that you have in the works such as “Heart of Clay,” “Hard Powder,” and “Genesis Code”?”

ER: “Heart of Clay” is a feature film I co-star in alongside Mackenzie Gray from “Legion”. It’s a beautiful art film about a dying sculptor, celebrated internationally as a modern-day Rodin, who encounters an ethereally erotic and mysterious female spirit who forces him to reconcile with seven women from his past that he has hurt in the pursuit of his artistic success. We are hoping to have its premiere at TIFF so fingers crossed. “Hard Powder”, which is based on the 2014 Norwegian film “In Order of Disappearance”, is scheduled to be released in 2018. It follows a snowplow driver who seeks revenge against drug dealers he believes killed his son. As for “Genesis Code,” I don’t want to say too much before it premieres but expect some great twists and turns.

CB: I’m a huge fan of “Supernatural.” You played the character Shaylene Johnson in the episodes “Girls, Girls, Girls,” and “Of Grave Importance.” What memories do you have from the set?

ER: The costumes were so fun, and Jared and Jensen, of course, are always such good juju. They are really fun, charming, talented guys. That whole set is a well-oiled machine, and so welcoming to play on.


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