Supernatural: A season three recap

'Mystery Spot'
‘Mystery Spot,’ credit to youtube

A Chris Smolinski perspective

I have some good news and some bad news. This week I talk about my favorite episode from season three of “Supernatural.” Here lies the good news as well as the bad. We only have 10 more weeks until the debut of season 13! Or, we still have 10 more long weeks until season 13. It works both ways; Season three is where, in my opinion, things really start to get good. I enjoyed the first two seasons immensely, but three really ratchets up the pace.

We get our first look at Ruby, who I loved, as well as the seven deadly sins, the scary side of fairy tales, and that bitch Bella. Ghostfacers, dream walkers, and Dean’s thousand deaths; Oh my! Season three is also the only shortened season. Unfortunately, we were given 15 episodes instead of the usual 22/23. Damn that strike.

I'm Batman!
I’m Batman! Credit to YouTube

As far as my favorite episode pick, it was tough to choose this time. I kept going back and forth with Mystery Spot and Bad Day at Black Rock. It was either Dean’s multiple deaths, or Sam and his back luck. “I lost my shoe” was a classic. I finally went with, Bad Day at Black Rock. Sam and his bad luck brought in all the hilarious moments. For me, this is one of the funniest “Supernatural” episodes ever made. I love Sam but I can’t help but laugh my butt off as all that bad luck befalls him. Poor Sammy!

'Bad Day at Black Rock.'
‘Bad Day at Black Rock,’ credit to YouTube
'Bad Day at Black Rock'
‘Bad Day at Black Rock’ credit to YouTube

Keep checking my articles out as well as all the fantastic articles on @NerdAlertNews, and don’t forget to tell me whose team you play on, #TeamSam or #TeamDean. Until next time, “I’m Batman!”

By Chris Smolinski


Chris Smolinski
The name is Chris Smolinski, but more of the world knows him as Iceman. Either is fine. A threw and threw nerdolicious geek, he loves Supernatural, tv show and/or creatures, and everything superhero. Author with his own style of writing.

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