Interview with popular ‘Star Wars’ voice actress Catherine Taber

Catherine Taber, photo credit to Richard Wright

Actress Catherine Taber is loved for her role as Padme Amidala in Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and just so happens to be a huge sci-fi and “Star Wars” geek. Lucky for fans, she will be back as Padme in “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.” She is also the voice of “Jesse” on the new season of “Minecraft Story Mode” as well as in “Monarch,” ‘TitanFall 2,” and “Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age.” Taber can also be seen in “Haven’s End” coming out this fall, and was in “Jane the Virgin” and “Just Like Heaven.” Nerd Alert News chats geeky goodness with this talented actress.

Colleen Bement: You are loved for your role as ‘Padme Amidala’ in the Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” Being a geek yourself, just how cool is it to play ‘Padme’?

Catherine Taber: Full disclosure, I wouldn’t really say I consider myself a “geek”, but I am a sci-fi geek and I am a big “Star Wars fan.” Getting to play ‘Padme’ has been very cool for me! Just to be a part of that franchise is amazing. The fans are just the best! But I also, really love and admire the character of ‘Padme’, so it has been a real honor to play her. I am so glad she is back in “Forces of Destiny”!

CB: Tell your fans about some of your upcoming roles such as ‘Padme’ in the new show, “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” and ‘Jesse’ in “Minecraft Story Mode,” and any other projects that you have in the works.

CT: Yes! ‘Padme’ returns in “Forces of Destiny” with her usual grace, elegance and kick-butt attitude! It is cool because we get to see more interaction with ‘Anakin and ‘Ahsoka’, which I hope will make “Clone Wars” fans happy! I know it makes me happy! And I am also so glad ‘Jesse’ is back for season 2 of “Minecraft Story Mode”. We are well under way recording episodes and I can’t wait to continue to share these amazing adventures with fans. Season 2 gets even creepier! And I am super excited that this fall “Haven’s End”, a great little thriller I worked on, is coming out! I finally get to do some stunts in live action and we just had the best team of people working on this movie, from cast to crew! I had so much fun!

CB: Let’s talk nerdy!


1.) Favorite “Star Wars” movie:
Empire Strikes Back;” because …YODA!

2.) Favorite superhero:
I like “Captain America.” I love that he was a soldier and I love his old-fashioned (fish out of water!) charm and chivalry. For the ladies – I am a big Rogue fan. Maybe it’s because she’s a fellow southerner!

3.) Favorite video game:
I still love “Final Fantasy 12” – which just got remastered and released, so maybe I am not the only one! Also, my dog is named after my character, ‘Penelo’.

4.) Favorite comic book:
I don’t have one specific favorite comic book. I have several “Star Wars” vintage ones that mean a lot to me. And in general, I am an “X-Men fan.” But I am a big audiobook girl more than a comic book reader.

CB: I’m curious: How does an audition for a voice role differ from a live action role?

CT: A voice audition can take place from anywhere and be mailed in an audio file. Although these days, we tape a lot of Live Action auditions too so that is changing the process a bit. In general, with live action, you have memorized your lines and you have a lot more “tools” to use. Your body language, your dress, your eyes etc. In VO, you get to read your script but you don’t have as many tricks to work with! It is all about conveying what you need to with your voice. In each case, you still, of course, need to focus on who your character is, their history, what they want etc.…that part doesn’t really change for me at least.

CB: Tell us all about your organization “Games for Soldiers.” What an amazing cause.

CT: I just wanted to do a little something to say thanks to our soldiers who are deployed and away from their families and video games seemed like a no brainer! It’s a very small operation and we have been going since 2008. We had to temporarily halt requests because I have been out of donations – so if any game companies/donators out there are seeing this…I’m just saying!


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