Legacy board games spike in popularity


Pandemic Legacy
Pandemic Legacy board game, credit to YouTube

If you go to Board Game Geek, you’ll see that the number one game as voted by the thousands of board gamers is Pandemic Legacy. The game is a Legacy version of the popular board game Pandemic, a cooperative board game where you work together to eradicate four different diseases by traveling the world from the Center for Disease Control.

In a Legacy game, the game is played multiple times and as you play more, decisions that you made in previous games carry over to new games.  Actions that occur in one single game can influence (for good or bad) future games. You make permanent changes to the game board and components of the game, even so far as to ripping up cards and uncovering game altering changes hidden within secret boxes that come within the game.

In the case of Pandemic Legacy, you start out as four people, with different skills eradicating four diseases. In the course of a game year (not equal to a real year, the events of the game take place within a year), things change within the game as diseases change and you help find the way to cure the diseases before the whole world is lost.

Risk Legacy board game
Risk Legacy board game, credit to YouTube

Legacy games have become very popular. The first Legacy game, Risk Legacy took the old board game Risk, modernized it and added rules where things would change throughout each subsequent play-through. Other popular Legacy-style games include Seafall, Gloomhaven, Charterstone, and the eagerly awaited Pandemic Legacy: Season2.

By Chris Murdock

Chris Murdock
Chris Murdock is a riddle wrapped in an enigma brought to you by patented space-age technology and electrons. He also likes video games, board games, and anime and is capable of giving off strong geek radiation burns. He also makes a mean chili and a nicely spicy Jamaican jerk chicken.

One thought on “Legacy board games spike in popularity

  1. My board game group and I are currently stuck in May… one more failure and we will have to continue on without finishing the month. The game will really test your friendships when stuff start to hit the fan and quick decision lead to the downfall of the rest of the game! Great Post!


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