‘Arrival’ scores on Denver Museum of Nature and Science IMAX

"Arrival" at Denver Museum of Nature and Science, photo credit: Colleen Bement

“Arrival” was bigger than life on the IMAX screen at Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The showing on Aug. 2, 2017, was part of the Sci-Fi Film series presented by the museum and the Denver Film Society, and as usual played to a packed house. Vincent Piturro, Ph.D., an associate professor of film and media studies at the Metropolitan State University of Denver hosted the evening. Always an entertaining and mind-expanding evening, the Sci-Fi Film series offers up a movie with a host and guest speakers and bonus a cash bar and some popcorn. This week’s showing had Andrew Pantos, a professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver and space scientist Ka Chun Yu, Ph.D. fielded a Q&A of viewers hungry for knowledge and discussion.

Based on Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang, the Academy Award nominated film wove past, present, and future tenses that made the audience think. It starred Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, and was directed by Denis Villeneuve who happens to have directed the exciting new ‘Blade Runner 2049’ coming out this October.

The chat after the film was vibrant with opinions ranging from how to communicate with an alien race to the sheer science of programs like SETI and spacecraft such as the Pioneer and Voyager. Films of the past such as “Contact” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” are good frames of reference when looking at how Hollywood has explored contact with alien life. Imagine what ET would like of our planet if his first impression of us was Hitler opening the 1936 Olympic Games; known to have been the first signal stronger enough to leak into outer space. “Arrival” also makes one question if a person could see a life from beginning to end, would that person change anything? Much of the eager audience stayed late and happily debated such topics until it was time to shut the lights off.

The Sci-Fi Film series has been entertaining and inspiring minds for over six years now as part of the museum’s adult learning programs. The next film offered will be “A Scanner Darkly” with Nicole Garneau, PhD, health scientist Aug. 9, 2017 at the Sie Film Center on Colfax. As always a cash bar will be provided for added fun. Ticket prices are $12 Museum or Denver Film Society member, $15 nonmember, $8 student.

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This month’s Science Lounge is called Total Eclipse and will center on preparing for this month’s big solar eclipse with cocktails and fun.

Indigenous Film
The museum is partnering with the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management and the Denver American Indian Commission to present the monthly series called Indigenous Film.

Viking Religion and Christianity

Spend an evening with folklorist Thomas DuBois on Aug. 10, 2017 to chat about the history of Nordic religions of the Vikings Age.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend ends August 13, 2017 so grab those tickets now.

Nature’s Amazing Machines is here through January 1, 2017

Nature’s Amazing Machines uses real objects, scientific models, and fun activities to show the marvels of natural engineering. The exhibition is included with Museum admission.


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