Supernatural: A season two flashback

A Chris Smolinski perspective.

Less than 12 weeks to go until we get to see season 13, and this week I reach back to explore season two of “Supernatural.” Much like season one, it was filled with some creepy ass material. Episodes like ‘Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things‘ made one of my list of damn good episodes. This season brought in some humor with ‘Tall Tales‘ and although ‘Nightshifter‘ ended badly, the funny moments started it off with a smile. Season two brought us bad guys such as Gordon, the demon formally known as Meg Masters, and of course The Trickster (AKA Gabriel). We also met some good guys with the introduction of Ellen, Jo, and Ash.

I don’t usually like to pick a season opener or ender because they have to be good just to get and to keep our interest up. However, the two-part ‘All Hell Breaks Loose‘ is my favorite of the season. I am a diehard Sammy boy, so seeing him go through this was tough. The yellow eyed demon struck again by abducting his “worker bees.” Jake and his superhuman strength were too much for even Sam. Watching his death in season two was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the series. If I had put myself in Dean’s place, I would have made the same crossroads deal that he did. Then to see John in part two seriously sent me over the edge.

Which was your favorite from season two, and are you #TeamDean or #TeamSammy? Tweet me at @RamblingRiter

By Chris Smolinski

Chris Smolinski
The name is Chris Smolinski, but more of the world knows him as Iceman. Either is fine. A threw and threw nerdolicious geek, he loves Supernatural, tv show and/or creatures, and everything superhero. Author with his own style of writing.

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