CW stars look back to life-changing auditions

Thanks to hit shows like “Supernatural,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “Supergirl” viewers have welcomed these popular actors into living rooms week after week. Of course, there are some stories about those first moments. Kim Rhodes made a “go-big-or-go-home” choice when she nailed her audition. Justin Baldoni’s tale sounds like it was straight out of some sort of Hollywood folklore. Nerd Alert News asked CW stars what moment stands out from that life changing audition.

Kim Rhodes
(Sheriff Jody Mills in “Supernatural”)

Kim Rhodes  credit Travis Hodges
Kim Rhodes, photo credit to Travis Hodges, used with permission

“My audition scene was hard. I was discovering my son was a zombie and had killed (and eaten) my husband, running through the house, coming up with a plan and finally agreeing that my monster child needed to be shot. I’d made go-big-or-go-home choices and was ready.

When the casting director walked in, one of the other actresses asked if we were going to do the entire scene. The answer was yes, and she said, “There’s no way. No one can do this.” He shrugged and said, “That’s Supernatural.” I know I don’t sound humble when I say this, but in that moment I thought, “This is mine.”

Justin Baldoni
(Rafael Solano in “Jane the Virgin)

Justin Baldoni, photo credit to YouTube
“My “Jane the Virgin” audition was one of those crazy almost folklore tales you hear about but never think happen to regular people in Hollywood.

I hadn’t been acting for two years because I quit starting “Wayfarer” and focusing on directing content that I felt the world needed. I had just gotten a new manager who was representing me as a director but not as an actor. In passing, I mentioned that I’d love to keep the acting muscle warm and try to audition every now and then. Two weeks later she sent me “Jane the Virgin” and while I thought it was fun, I had no idea what it was, I hadn’t read the script, and my wife had just read for Petra. I remember being super nervous because I hadn’t acted in so long and I couldn’t tell if it was a comedy or a drama! Before the audition, I remember just saying “screw it” and just going in and having fun. They called a few hours later and asked me to screen test which brings me to my favorite part of this story.
When I walked into The CW, I was expecting to see a bunch of other guys, but it turns out it was only me and this bright eyed spunky charismatic angel that I now consider one of my closest friends…Miss Gina Rodriguez. We hit it off instantly (as does everyone with Gina). We talked about life, love, service, and God and so by the time I went into act with her it felt like we had known each other for years.
When we came out, Gina and I had this amazing conversation about what we would do if the show got picked up; how we would always remember to use our platform for good. I’ll never forget it, we looked at each other and had this moment and I remember saying to her If this goes; that’s when the real work starts. Meaning that’s when our work to be of service begins, and then literally right then-our show runner Jennie Urman walked in and said “Congrats! You got it!” I just sat there kind of in shock. It was one of those crazy surreal experiences that you think could never really happen to you; until it does. I’m so proud of everything Gina has done with her success and God willing I can continue to be of service through my platform as well. I am so lucky.”

Samantha Smith
(Mary Winchester in “Supernatural”)

Samantha Smith, photo credit to Bryan Randall
“I remember two things clearly: The lovely David Nutter winking at me when I finished my audition, (which he does often as a sign of “good job,”), and crashing into the potted plant in the part of the scene when I had to run back into the nursery. And no, it wasn’t intentional!”

Mehcad Brooks
(James Olsen in”Supergirl”)

Mehcad Brooks, photo credit to YouTube
“There’s a moment in the audition when you just know, very calmly that you killed it. It’s at that point you don’t care what the outcome is because you did exactly what you wanted.”

Cindy Sampson
(Lisa Braeden in “Supernatural”)

Cindy Sampson, photo credit to YouTube
“I can’t remember what I ate for lunch yesterday let alone an audition 10 years ago. Just kidding. I don’t actually remember much though. It was an audition for Bela Talbot. I sent a self-tape from Montreal and at the audition, in LA it was just Lauren Cohen and me. I was a pretty big fan of the show, so I was extra nervous and may have thrown in a Canadian “aboot” instead of “about”.

I really can’t recall any interesting details, but I didn’t get the part and was crushed. However, in the end, it turned out so much better because I got to play Lisa Braeden!”

Katherine Ramdeen
(Alex Jones in “Supernatural)

Katherine Ramdeen, photo credit to YouTube

“The moment that stands out the most was getting the callback and, after looking back at my breakdown page, realizing I had just worked with the director of the episode, Stefan Pleszczynski, a month earlier on another show! I knew immediately that I had someone rooting for me big time who had witnessed and praised my work! Besides talent, a lot of this crazy industry is luck!”


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