‘X-Files’ icon William B. Davis chats new film ‘Residue’ and Climate Change

William B. Davis has been busy. The “X-Files” icon can be seen in the new horror film “Residue” which came out last week on VOD and digital platforms. He will also be returning to season 11 of the “X-Files” reboot next year, and can be heard on Audible.com on “The X-Files: Cold Cases.” Catch up with Davis and hear what he has to say about the “X-Files” fandom and the importance of stopping climate change.

William B. Davis
William B. Davis in ‘Residue’, used with permission

Colleen Bement: You play the role of Lamont in the very cool upcoming film “Residue.” What can you share about this thrilling and creepy new movie?

William B. Davis: I had a great time making it. They are great guys and they were really enthusiastic about what they were doing, they promised me that one day I would really understand the story. I’m not sure yet that I understand the story, but they’re very creative and very imaginative, and they certainly appear to a certain genre/viewer who enjoys creepy things.

CB: Tell your fans about “The X-Files: Cold Cases” on Audible.com.

WBD: I only really know the episodes that I was involved with, but I think it’s a really interesting project. I’m a great fan of what we used to call “radio drama,” and now I guess we call it “audio drama.” But where we simply use the words to evoke a scene and sometimes that can be far more imaginative and far more compelling than showing you a picture because you create it in your own mind out of the clues that you get from the sound, and the voices, and the sound effects, and the music and all of those audio cues. It was exciting to do, and I haven’t heard the final results yet, but I look forward to doing that.

CB: You are a pretty much an icon in the “X-Files” fandom. What has it been like for you all these years to be so well known as “Cigarette-Smoking Man?”

WBD: That’s a complicated question as it varies according to the visibility of the show. I remember early on being totally surprised when somebody would be really excited to talk to me and say oh my god, I’ve never been this close to a movie star before. I thought oh my, this was quite a surprise to me because I really never had been a fan like that; but that’s probably not true because I’ve been a fan of sports figures. I’m an admirer of actors and directors, but I’ve never been a fan in the sense that I get shy around them or excited to see them or want their autographs. It’s been a great ride. I’ve had a wonderful time doing it. We’re about to do some more, so I can’t complain.

CB: I read that you are an advocate for taking action to prevent climate change. First of all, thank you. It is truly getting scary. Are there any other social causes that are close to your heart?

WBD: Well in a way, everything depends on climate change; I mean if we don’t solve climate change, nothing else matters. It’s like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic if we don’t change the direction of the ship. But that said, there are some corrections to the deck chairs that would be great. I think income inequality is becoming a more and more serious issue. I think the lack of democratic process is becoming more of issues. I think in particular the power that dark money seems to have on our so-called democratic society. It’s distorting a whole range of issues, and of course I’m shocked at what’s going on in the US that they would want to- what was never an ideal medical plan, that they would vote to repeal that and put in something worse seems to be extraordinary short sighted, but who am I say; it’s not my country. I don’t have to champion healthcare in this country, but I think I would if I was in the US. I could of course switch, but I’m worried about climate change because we’ve left it for so long.


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