They are Alive: Dinosaurs at the Zoo

Carnotaurus, photo credit to Linda Kane

Linda Kane perspective

The Denver Zoo is always a fun place to explore animals from around the world; however, for a limited time, you can also explore dinosaurs. Going to the zoo I wasn’t sure about the quality and quantity of dinosaurs. What were the dinosaurs made of? How many dinosaurs were placed in the 80-acre facility? Still, I was excited to go explore.


Carnotaurus at the Denver Zoo. Photo credit to Linda Kane.When I walked into the zoo I saw my first dinosaur and was pleasantly surprised. The dinosaur was animatronic and very life-like. Even the eyes moved adding to the life-like appearance.  Some made noise while others spit water onto unsuspecting crowds. In total, there are 21 different dinosaurs but only 19 are animatronic.  The dinosaurs range from a Carnotaurus to a Stegosaurus, my childhood favorite and the state dinosaur of Colorado.  According to the press release, the Carnotaurus is 10 feet tall, 6 feet long, 4.6 feet wide with a weight of 1100 lbs. While the Stegosaurus is 5.11 feet tall, 12.6 feet long, 3.6 feet wide with a weight of 1700 lbs. Each dinosaur has a sign with the dinosaur’s name and a brief description. My favorite dinosaur was outside the reptile house and is called the Dilophasaurus. This dinosaur stands on two feet with two short arms, a colorful crest on its head and sharp teeth. Water sprays out of its mouth onto zoo visitors. Getting spit on felt good on a sweltering day.

Dilophasaurus - Spitting Dinosaur, photo credit to Linda Kane

Interestingly, there is a “Selfie-Saurus” which is a non-animated dinosaur where people can take pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t locate the “Selfie-Saurus.” I would have loved a picture. DINOS! Live at Denver Zoo is going to run through October 31, 2017. In fact, in October the zoo is adding dinosaur sculptures made of pumpkins. The event is at night on the following dates: October 12-15, 19-22, and 26-30. I need to go back to view that artwork.  I enjoyed my time exploring the dinosaurs at the Denver Zoo. It is a fun time for individuals of all ages. Go check out the dinosaurs living at the zoo.

By Linda Kane

Linda Kane
Linda Kane, Free spirit, creative, geeky entrepreneur, animal lover, cosplayer.

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