Interview with talented young actress Taylor Hickson


Taylor Hickson is known for her roles in SyFy’s hit series “Aftermath” and “Deadpool.” See Taylor’s cool new film “Residue” which was released on VOD and digital platforms across Canada and the US this week. She can also be spotted in projects like “G.L.O.” and “Hunting Pignut.” Find out about body casts, bruises, and her passion for music.

Colleen Bement:Residue” will be released soon and it looks like a must-see film. What can you share about your experiences making this cool movie?

Taylor Hickson: Having my face, hands and legs casted was a (claustrophobic) experience I’ll never forget! On set, I had to be escorted around at all times because the heels made an already uncoordinated me, MORE uncoordinated, as well as I was completely blind after the prosthetics were in place.


CB: Tell your fans all about your experiences filming the popular SyFy series “Aftermath”, where you play Brianna Copeland.

TH: Lots of bruises. Bruises filled with love and Taylor’s determination to do her own stunts. There was one day they had me hanging upside down by one leg from a crane at least 45 feet in the air. I made countless friends and a film family I will love with all of my heart for the rest of my life. It was the first project to open my eyes to television and I am forever grateful for that.
CB: What can you share about playing Meghan Orlovsky in “Deadpool?”

TH: Very busy, but thoughtful crew. It was incredible to see such great minds in the works. Ryan (Reynolds) actually ended up directing me most of the time, while Tim (Miller) was behind the monitor. There were tons of laughs, it was a very playful shoot.

CB: You’ve got some fabulous projects in the works. What can you share about “G.L.O.,” “Hunting Pignut.”

TH: “Hunting Pignut” is currently in the festival circuit and looking at selective theatrical release fairly soon, as well as Incident should be getting ready for either this years later fests or next years rounds. Excited to share with you these upcoming projects. Currently working on “GLO;” it’s such an authentic, touching script and I’m so excited to see the completed project.

Taylor Hickson, photo credit to Taylor Krause

CB: I read that you have a passion for music as well as acting. Is folk your favorite music, and do you have any plans on pursuing your music career?

TH: That’s a tough one! I have a very vast love for many genres and a very colorful music library. I have a very open mind and I’ve found I’m discovering new material and sub-genres that I fall in love with just about every week. My taste changes drastically often and I feel my style follows the same pattern.

I’m taking it day by day. Currently working on music just for myself at the moment. I might later look into public release.


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