Matt Frewer shares experiences on cool new film ‘Residue’

Matt Frewer is one of those multi-talented actors that fans just adore. He has played the roles of so many fabulous characters like Dr. Leekie in “Orphan Black,” Anthony Bruhl in “Timeless,” and of course Jim Taggart in “Eureka.” He has done films such as “The BFG,” “The Watchmen,” “50/50,” and the list rolls on. Let’s not forget about “Max Headroom!” Now Frewer can be seen in the creative new horror film “Residue” that was just released this week on VOD and ITunes. According to the film’s star, James Clayton, it is a supernatural neo-noir horror that brings audiences back to the film-noir private detective movies of the past.

Matt Frewer in 'Residue'

Colleen Bement: “Residue” looks creepy and suspenseful. What can you tell us about your role as Mr. Fairweather and this very cool new film?

Matt Frewer: “Residue” was a lot of fun. I shot all my footage in one day. Rusty (the director) was very open to my input on the look and behavior. It was very collaborative. This was a character that has a constant axe to grind. He’s a low-level crime lord looking to roll upwards. He’s bitter, confined to a wheelchair, and seething with rage. Throw in a Hawaiian shirt, silk robe, Barry White gold chains, and Jim Jones tear drop tinted shades, and the sleaze quotient is through the roof.

CB: Your character of Dr. Leekie in “Orphan Black” was just fabulous. What do you miss about being on the show?

MF: I don’t particularly miss being on ‘Orphan Black’. The character completed his time. I enjoyed playing the tension between a character engaged in analytical research (divorced from the heart) and his paternal feelings for his subject confusing the proceedings. I miss some of the people. It was a ground breaking show. Graham and John (the creators) were wonderful to work with. Tatiana juggled the multiple characters and demands on her time with great aplomb.

CB: Fans are so excited about the new Netflix series “Altered Carbon.” I know you’re not allowed to say much, but what can you share about your experience on the set?

MF: “Altered Carbon” is going to be extraordinary. It’s going to look amazing. The world is populated with colorful, compelling, futuristic, cyberpunk, but very human characters. The future looks mesmerizing. It’s seductive, dark, and weirdly funny. My character is a fight promoter named Carnage. That may give you a flavor.

CB: You absolutely rocked it as “Max Headroom.” Are you still recognized for that iconic ‘80s role?

MF: Yes, I’m still recognized for Max. There’s a move afoot to bring him back, and why not? The whole concept for the show was ‘Twenty Minutes into the Future’. Well, we’ve arrived.

CB: I can’t imagine that you have much spare time, but when you do, how do you spend it?

MF: When I’m not filming, I’m either writing, playing the banjo, or playing hockey.


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