Tahmoh Penikett chats new Netflix series ‘Altered Carbon’

Tahmoh Penikett is loved for his roles in “Battlestar Galactica,” “Supernatural,” “Riftworld Chronicles,” “Dollhouse,” and so many more. His latest project in the works “Altered Carbon” looks like a new Netflix hit in the making. Due out sometime in 2018, fans look forward to the creative new show. Penikett entertains and enriches his fans’ lives through his acting and through his mediation. Check out Zen 4 Minds to see how he and others are making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Tahmoh Penikett, photo courtesy of Deb Dillistone at RED Management INC

Colleen Bement: You play Dimitri KIadmin in the highly anticipated new Netflix series “Altered Carbon.” What are you allowed to share about this super cool new show?

Tahmoh Penikett: As far as I witnessed, “Altered Carbon” has all the makings for a ground breaking new series. With Laeta Kalogridis at the helm and her amazing team including Scott Blackman, the Sci-Fi geek in me is pretty sure we’re going to be guaranteed a cutting edge, noir science fiction/action series with an incredibly diverse and multicultural international cast. It’s based on the Richard Morgan’s Sci-Fi novel, one which I read and enjoyed very much. I believe there’ll be ten episodes in the first season. As I understand it, the show is set about three hundred years in the future. I, unfortunately, haven’t been given any clearance to discuss Dimi, but those who’ve read the book will know the character well. I got to work with an incredible director, Miguel Sapochnik, who directs the first episode. The man is the best of the best. Kind, funny, but laser focused and clear about what he’s creating and needs from his team. Loved working with him and hope to do it again in the future.

CB: Tell your fans about the TV series “Deep Six.” This looks right up my geeky little alley.

TP: This project was offered to me literally hours before they went to camera. Think I got the call the day before I would film. I read it and was sold. Even more so when I arrived in Toronto where they were shooting. The minute I stepped on set and saw the passion and work David Lengyel, Mike Collins and their crew put in, I knew I was in good hands. It‘s inspiring to see so many web series with conservative budgets make their mark today using accessible and affordable technology and post, AND social media. The writing is always key and the script is what made me sign on to this project so last minute. What they did with their money in terms of production was so impressive and I wish them the best of luck with this and won’t be surprised if they have a lot of success.

CB: Both of your series’ “Riftworld” and “Painkillers” have so many more stories to tell. Is there any chance that your fans will see more of these shows?

TP: “Painkillers” was originally meant to be a trilogy, but it got released way after the time it should have and as far as I understand it there were disagreements between the production companies. I don’t understand the details, but by the time it did come on, there was little press and a very quiet release. Unfortunate for all the great people involved, I would have loved to work with them again.

“Riftworld,” for a while now, seemed liked it may never come back, as I hadn’t heard anything encouraging from the producers for quite some time. But I just had a promising phone call the other day and fingers crossed; we may be able to give the fans a little more “Riftworld” in near future.

CB: I’m going to take us back to “Dollhouse.” That series was another piece of the brilliance of Joss Whedon. What is it like to be a part of the “Whedonverse?”

TP: Everyone knows well the genius of Joss Whedon. Simply put, the man’s an incredible talent and his body of work is already astounding. Being blessed enough to have had worked with Joss, I’m always grateful for the experience and “pedigree”. I do wish we had more time, but the fact is we made something that I still have countless fans; from around the world approach me regularly to communicate their love for. As a fan, I’m looking forward to what he’s making next. As a friend, I hope the fame and his insane work ethic are still allowing him some balance in life with his close friends and family.

CB: Meditation: Tell us about Zen 4 Minds and how has it changed your life? What advice do you have for your fans on the benefits of meditation?

TP: Meditation has been so instrumental in dealing with stress, sharpening my focus and creating positive change in my life. The incredible soul, who is Joanne Harris, approached me with the idea for Zen 4 Minds after we’d worked together for some time prior, and I was quickly sold. Meditation will never bring negative to anyone’s life; quite the opposite. Even five minutes a day can affect real change in someone’s thought process.

More consistent meditation can effectively help with stress levels, health, clarity, and temperament. These are just a few of the countless, positive things regular practice can bring to one’s life. Zen 4 Minds could be so much more, but specifically, because of me and my travels, we’ve had a hard time coordinating to record new sessions. It’ll happen soon enough and with more regularity.

The people we did reach with our humble little project moved us deeply with their positive accounts of how incorporating meditation in their lives helped them. A teacher of students, five to seven years of age I believe, asked me at a convention if I thought that meditation could help with children that young. I agreed that it might be able to and that perhaps she should start with something short and simple. We were so happy to hear from her later on that she had indeed incorporated short meditation times in her class and saw incredible things with focus, creativity, and discipline, to name a few. It’s all about helping others, sharing with them practice that’s really aided me in tough times and good. It’s about making the world a better place, one person at a time.


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