Nightwing: Who plays it best?

Who plays it best:

Chris McKay is relatively unknown, maybe not unknown but new for the superhero genre. He directed the recent hit “The Lego Batman Movie.” It was announced awhile back that he would be the “Nightwing” director. Since then, we haven’t heard much about it. In recent interviews, McKay talks about who could fill Mr. Greyson’s shoes. He says he wants someone that loves “Nightwing” as much as he does. You can see the passion McKay has in his tweets. Another thing that came out is the fact that the actor would have to be able to handle “grueling” action. He is trained by Bruce, so we already know he can handle some stuff, right?

The “Supernatural” boys

So right off the bat, we know they have to be tough, and they should know at least a bit of the old martial arts. Who would love to see Jared Padalecki as “Nightwing” and then Jensen Ackles as Red Hood, the second Robin. I mean Jensen already voiced Jason Todd in the animated movie, “Under the Red Hood.” Since we all know the “Supernatural” boys won’t get in, let’s talk about some of the names that fans think will.

Taron Egerton

Taron is an upcoming actor who has recently been in the fantastic “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” as well as “Eddie the Eagle,” and the sequel to “Kingsman.”He is the perfect age and has the look of a young Dick Greyson. His action scenes as well as his smoothness in “Kingman” makes him a near perfect candidate. The only question we have is, Does Taron love Dick…um “Nightwing.”

Steven Yeun

The actor formally known as Glenn, has a little free time on his hands. I personally haven’t really watched “The Walking Dead,” though I did see THAT episode. Yeun is a very likable actor that has very good action chops.

Zac Efron

If we go by just looks alone, Zac is perfect. He has the muscles, the hard chin and as an actor, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Now that his “High School Musical” days are long and gone, no doubt he could fit in those black spandex quite nicely. Plus, you would get a ton of women to watch. I mean he is quite easy on the eyes.

Andrew Garfield

This name has not been thrown out there, but Andrew Garfield would slay this role. Yes, he was in a couple of subpar “Spiderman” movies. Think about it though, what was the one great thing in both films? Garfield! As of late Andrew has been hitting up the big-time movies. You know the ones that get you some metal awards. There would be a doubt that Andrew would come back to the world of superheroes, but just imagine if he did. His snarky comebacks and his ability to do his own stunts means he would be great as “Nightwing.”

So now is the time where I ask you, the viewer, who plays it best? Let us know who you think could rock the role of “Nightwing.”

Chris Smolinski
The name is Chris Smolinski, but more of the world knows him as Iceman. Either is fine. A threw and threw nerdolicious geek, he loves Supernatural, tv show and/or creatures, and everything superhero. Author with his own style of writing.

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