Interview with ‘Residue’ film star James Clayton

The creative horror film “Residue” was released today July 18, 2017 on VOD and Itunes across Canada and the US. According to the film’s star, James Clayton, it is a supernatural neo-noir horror that brings audiences back to the film-noir private detective movies of the past. Horror lovers know Clayton for his recent thriller “CANDiLAND” where he was the star and producer. Motorcycle Boy Productions, the company he co-founded, has exciting projects in the works including part two of the “Residue” trilogy.

'Residue' film

Colleen Bement: You star in “Residue” and I know my readers will love to hear about this new film. What can you share?

James Clayton: I just had the pleasure to attend a special screening of the film at the Kansas City Crypticon and I can say it is absolutely fun to watch. “Residue” is a supernatural, neo-noir horror that pays a lot of homage to film-noir/ private detective movies of the past. I play a private investigator, named Luke Harding, who reads a demonic book that unleashes demons into his apartment. It’s an amazing ensemble piece that includes such veterans as Costas Mandylor (SAW), Matt Frewer (Watchmen), and William B. Davis ( X-Files).

James Clayton
James Clayton in ‘Residue’
Matt Frewer
Matt Frewer in ‘Residue’
William B. Davis
William B. Davis in ‘Residue’

The cast also has some great up and coming talents: Taylor Hickson (Deadpool) plays my estranged daughter, Elysia Rotaru (Arrow) my secret love, Alika Autran (Altered Carbon) is my daughter’s love interest, and Blaine Anderson (Hot Tub Time Machine) is a mysterious doctor from the future. There are plenty of scares and laughs, but what I love the most is at its core it’s about a father and daughter reconciling.

Elysia Rotaru
Elysia Rotaru in ‘Residue’
Dan Payne
Dan Payne in ‘Residue’

CB: What does your company Motorcycle Boy Productions have in store for your fans in the future?

JC: We have a few films slated over the next few years. Most immediate we start filming this fall the action/thriller “High Caliber” about a sniper who wakes up chained to a time bomb and must assassinate five crime lords for his captor before time runs out. The sci-fi drama “Down the Line” will be released later this year and it is about a comedian trapped inside his mind and he must fight alternate versions of himself to escape. Also, for our “Residue” fans, we have two sequels ready to go into production. We planned “Residue” to be a trilogy and we’re excited to share the next part of the story. It will surprise and excite fans with what’s coming next!

CB: You are an actor and producer with an obviously talented vision. How did you get started in show biz?

JC: I’ve been acting since I was a kid. When I was sixteen I attended an open casting call and from there began auditioning and taking classes. It wasn’t long before I was on my first set which was “K:19 The Widowmaker” with Harrison Ford and Liam Neeson. It was incredible. I love every aspect of the film and have thrown myself at every opportunity I could over the years. I’ve been very lucky with the opportunities I’ve been given.

CB: Have you written and directed projects? I’m just curious what you like best about being in front of the camera and behind the camera.

JC: I’ve never written or directed, although I do have a proclivity for it. I’m not quite ready to take on that scope of the film making though. Producing is fantastic because of the people. Film is all about collaboration and it’s a joy to bring a group of artists together and watch them build a new world. It’s really fulfilling and you learn new things from everyone all the time. In terms of acting, I just love telling stories through character and creating the illusion of a whole different individual. As an actor, you’re really just one of the colors on a large canvas. The director paints the story with the actors, crew, camera, lights, and music. The producer supplies all of these things. So, in a sense, it’s incredible to buy all the paints, be lucky enough to be one of the colors, and then be surprised by what the director makes. It’s a cool experience.


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