Get to know ‘Altered Carbon’ stunt performer Lisa Chandler

Lisa Chandler chats shooting the upcoming Nextflix series “Altered Carbon.” The buzz is hot about this new show is set 700 years in the future, and fans will just have to wait until 2018 to find out. Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Chandler is known for her work in “Supernatural,” “Supergirl,” and the upcoming “S.W.A.T.: Under Siege.” Find out what life is like as a stunt performer and working on some of TV’s hottest shows.

'Altered Carbon' stunt performer Lisa Chandler, photo credit to Gordon Dumpka

Colleen Bement: You are in Netflix’s exciting new series “Altered Carbon.” I know you can’t say much, but how has the experience been so far?

Lisa Chandler: From the beginning of the fall last year to the summer now, my experience has been amazing. From all the cast that I bump into on set to work with an amazing crew/stunt team and a solid executive producing team, everyone was just so welcoming and encouraging. It’s been a very long shoot for that show but I have to give them props for having insane energy from the beginning right until the end of shooting.

CB: Do you have any projects in the works that you’re allowed to chat about?

LC: I do! I have a film about to be released this summer called “S.W.A.T Under Siege” that I’m really pumped to have come out. I play a SWAT officer, Phoenix that participates in an intense raid with her fellow officers.

CB: You have been a stunt performer many, many times on “Supernatural” and my readers would love to hear any stories from the set that you can share.

LC: I absolutely love working on that show! The crew and the boys are amazing and hilarious to work with. As for stories, they are always goofing around on set, which makes the environment super chill and fun. I seem to always be fighting Jensen for some reason. We’re always dueling it out with jabs to the face. I love working with them and am looking forward to season 13!

CB: I think you are completely badass for doing what you do. Two questions:

1.) What inspired you to become a stunt performer?

LC: My first stunt was back when I was in college playing hockey but never really thought about stunts then. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was standing-in on a film, “Underworld,” and saw the stunt department training/stretching in the corner that I was curious. They were all so physically fit, doing moves on wires and shooting guns that just made me say, “I’m totally born to be doing THAT!’’ From then on I asked as many questions as I could how to get into it, who to train with, what type of training I need and so on.

2.) How do you stay in shape? I can’t imagine how difficult your work is.

LC: Being in shape gym wise is key, but training with others is very key because when you’re filming a scene the odds are you are going to be doing movement with others. In Vancouver, our stunt community is very tight meaning we train as much as possible together to strengthen our community and to share as much knowledge as we can. M1 Training has really sharpened up my fighting skills as well as other local legends, Kirk Jaques, Gary Herman as well going down south (LA) for private training (MMA) is always key. I work a ton of water stunts so free diving is a big part of my training that I really respect and feel at home doing. Breathe work is huge when it comes to fighting, water stunts and being calm in highly stressed situations.

CB: Do you enjoy the perks of travel with the job, and what countries would you absolutely love to visit?

LC: I love love love traveling for work. So far I’ve just been fortunate enough to travel for work within Canada, however, I’m open to travel anywhere. The more countries under my belt the better. I’d love to travel anywhere warm for work. I can deal with the cold, but a little warmth while away for work is always nice.


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