Denver geeks get ready for Myths and Legends Convention

The popular Myths and Legends Convention is just around the corner and it is time to put those finishing touches on that cosplay. MALCon is special. For anyone new to this very shiny shindig, it is all about the favorites. It focuses on what so many sci-fi fans love the most: ‘Firefly’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Supernatural’, ‘Game of Thrones’, and more. The organizers believe that “the only difference between stories of Hercules and Harry Potter or the fall of Troy and Mordor is time.” Fans have their calendar marked for this popular event Aug 4-6, 2017 at the Ramada Plaza Denver North.

Clear those schedules. The guests of honor are New York Times bestselling author Jacqueline Cary, the adorable and talented singer-songwriter Marian Call, and artists Jim Humble. Along with those meet and greet opportunities, there are events for all ages with plenty of activities like tea dueling, dancing, super fun panels and programs, make-and-takes, and an irresistible vendor room. Fans look forward to the popular art show, and did someone say cosplay? Yes, of COURSE, the costumes will be out in full force. The cosplay alone is worth a look with the possibilities of doctors, layer cake dresses, companions, wizards, demon hunters, and maybe a Targaryen or a Lannister. It is time to break out those sewing needles and glue, their “Jayne hats,” fezzes, and wands ready because MAL Con is just one month away.

Grab those tickets. Adult weekend passes are available for the perfect price of $35. Child (ages 7-12) weekend pre-registration tickets are just $17.50. All tickets come with a beautiful commemorative badge just ideal for collecting. The artwork is always gorgeous and well worth collecting. There are MALCon T-shirts, pint glasses, and posters available as well.


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