Catch up with ‘Supernatural’ favorite Samantha Ferris

Samantha Ferris misses her time on ‘Supernatural.” Who wouldn’t miss playing such a tough, kickass, loyal and fiercely loving character of Ellen Harvelle. Out of North Vancouver, BC, this actress is loved for her portrayal of the brilliant and badass bar owner that held a special place in the Winchester Brother’s hearts. Ferris maintains that “life is short. You had better do what you really want in this life or at least die trying. Don’t have regrets.” Her filmography is impressive with roles in the films “The Tall Man,” “Along Came a Spider,” “Shattered,” and a long list of TV shows. Lately, she can be seen in the TV series “Somewhere Between” that stars on ABC July 24, 2017.

Actress Samantha Ferris, photo courtesy of Russ Mortensen at Pacific Artists

Colleen Bement: You played Ellen Harvelle and fans truly miss you. What do you miss most about “Supernatural?”

Samantha Ferris: Well, that’s a big question. I don’t think there is only one answer to it. Let’s see: I’ll give you the two biggest things I miss. I miss the ‘family’ that the show has acquired over the years…and they really are. For one thing, the boys (JJ and M) are very gracious and connected to the crew. They are kind and treat everyone as a friend. There is a lot of laughter and goofing around. It is one of the only shows where the crew will give up work on other shows to come back to SPN each season. That says a lot. I have had a lot of fun working with the boys. I have a great connection to each of them in very different ways. They have also treated me very well. The producers phoned Alona (Jo) and I personally to tell us of our fate on the show (which they didn’t need to do), and on our last day they presented us with a DVD compilation of our scenes cut together with the song, “She’s a Lady”. How lovely is THAT? I cried when I left. Big baby. It was like being dumped by your boyfriend and you lost his family along with the breakup. It felt like a deep loss. I also miss playing the great character that was Ellen Harvelle. What’s not to miss? She was effing great: a tough, strong, formidable, and kickass; but also loyal, moral, maternal, and fiercely loving. A beer drinking, bar-owning broad with a gun who would have done anything for these lads and the cause. The world would be a better place with a few more Ellens running around, right? I usually play strong characters because it fits my persona, but Ellen was something special. I am grateful that I got to play her. She’ll always be in my heart.

CB: Tell your fans about your new TV series “Somewhere Between.” It looks intense! What can you share about your role and this cool new show?

SF: I can’t tell you much, for obvious reasons, but I can tell you that I play the Captain of the police force that is very involved in the story. “Large and in charge” is my character on the show, but I also have relationships with the other characters that go deeper. You’ll see. I can’t tell you anything about the storyline, but I will say that the show is a WILD RIDE. All the stuff you want to see is there: Crime, suspense, whodunnit, time travel, bad guys (or are they?), good guys (or are they?), romance, double-crossing, comedy. It’s all there. There are twists and turns through the whole thing. Every episode will leave you with a WTF? The undertone of the show is that ‘everything is connected’. I know that is cryptic and doesn’t say much, but you’ll know what I mean when you see it. Note: Make sure you watch it right from the beginning and don’t miss an episode or you will be lost. You have to pay attention to this one. The cast and crew were lovely. This was another show I am grateful to have worked on. It starts July 24th on ABC. You have to watch this show.

CB: I read that you were a TV reporter before becoming an actress. Lucky for your fans, you followed a new path. What made you start a new career?

SF: My acting career came out of a turning point in my life. A crossroads. I was working at a job I hated, dating a guy I didn’t connect with, and my dad had just died at a relatively early age. I remember driving home from the funeral thinking, “life is short. You had better do what you really want in this life or at least die trying. Don’t have regrets.” So, I pondered what I really wanted to do. Act. At 28 (old for this industry), I quit my job, dumped the BF, got a bartending gig, headshots, and an agent, and pursued the film and TV industry with reckless abandon. The rest is history.

CB: Please share all about Scares that Care and how people can get involved. What an amazing organization.

SF: I’m proud to be a part of this noble cause. The Scares that Care charity came about in 2006 and the theme was to create a fun yet profitable way to fight the real monsters that so many children have to deal with; illness, burns, and cancer. By “profitable” I mean that all the money they raise goes to helping families that are experiencing these hardships cope with the financial burden. It is a non-profit organization and all the people working for it do so on a volunteer basis. 100% volunteer based, so that all the money raised goes where it’s needed. They provide money, toys, and other items to help sick children. To date, they have raised over $120,000. The event takes place in Williamsburg, Virginia July 21-23rd. The theme is ‘Halloween in July’ and it has a crazy amount of events, including workshops, contests, readings from horror writers, a film festival, a parade, vendors, and ghoulish celebs, complete with Q and A’s, signings, photo ops… etc. So much fun! Go to or for more.

CB: When you find some spare time to relax, how do you spend those precious moments?

SF: I’m actually kinda boring. LOL. Seriously. I live in Vancouver, which is surrounded by a beautiful and lush geography, so I bike and hike a lot. Nature is my soul-saver so I try to get out in it as much as I can. I read a lot. I’m getting my Psychology degree from the University of BC so I’m in school part of the time. I volunteer with rescued animals (EVERYONE should volunteer for a cause at some point in their lives. I believe we are here to help others: two-legged or four-legged). Other than that, I have a pretty low profile. I’m not big on the flashy actor stuff: I’m quite private and prefer to spend my time with a small group of close friends. I live in jeans and t-shirts, and I ABHOR high heel shoes and big pretentious parties. Put it this way, my ideal weekend is a cabin in the woods with friends, some good food and wine, and a kickass game of Yatzee or Rummoli. You will find me in bed reading by 9:00 pm most nights. I know; sorry, hope that doesn’t blow your image of me. Haha. Just a gal who wants to act and make a difference; even if just a small and humble one.


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