Actor Curtis Lum chats ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Supernatural’

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Curtis Lum knows that if you want something in life, you have to go out and get it. He has done just that. One of his latest exciting projects is the upcoming film “Meditation Park” where he plays opposite Sandra Oh, Tzi Ma and Chinese legend Pei Pei Cheng. This talented actor is known for roles in film and TV such as as “Supergirl,” “Supernatural,” “Psych”, “Prison Break”, “Arrow” and “The Romeo Section.”

Curtis Lum in "Supergirl." Photo courtesy of "Supergirl."

Colleen Bement: I’m catching up with the actors from “Supergirl” and you played the role of Demos this past season. Fans would love to hear about your experiences on the set. What can you share?

Curtis Lum: Some of the most fun I’ve had on set…Ever. Both the cast and crew are all so great and they all know how to make your day go by easier which I really appreciate. I was also lit on fire for the first time on the first episode I appeared on so, this show has been a memorable experience for sure.

CB: “Meditation Park” looks like an amazing project. I know that you can’t share much about the film, but what can you share?

CL: That it is one of the most warm & loving yet heartbreaking films I’ve ever been in. It stars Sandra Oh, Tzi Ma and Pei Pei Cheng who is a Chinese legend! As soon as I read the script I knew that I had to be a part of this project. Not only could I relate to the material, but I grew up right in all the areas that the movie shot and took place in. I’m very excited for this film to come out.

CB: You were in episodes of “Supernatural” and “Arrow.” Any stories from the sets that you can chat about?

CL: I got to work with Director – Thomas J Wright on “Supernatural” and that dude is a rock star. I had a blast working on that show. “Arrow” was pretty special for me too because I got my mom a job as a background actor and it was her first time ever really being on set. She knows that I’m not lying about my acting career now because she got to see her son in action!

CB: I read that you are always finding new ways to be artistic and entertain. What are some of your creative outlets?

CL: I’ve played around with making my own music but I’ve spent a lot of time producing my own skits and music videos. I love collaborating with other artists or talents, helping them connect the dots and bringing their visions and ideas to life.

And, as stereotypical as this sounds, boxing and martial arts helps me with expressing myself a lot. I love it because there is definitely a correlation between being a good and confident fighter and being a good, confident actor. Both acting and fighting keep me on my toes constantly and always in a position of learning as they are both disciplines that you can never really truly master.


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