‘Supernatural’ guest actress Chelsea Gill chats life on the set of season 12

“Supernatural” fans now know Chelsea Gill for her role in two of the final season 12 episodes “There’s Something About Mary” and “Who We Are.” She played a loyal and hardworking member of the British Men of Letters organization. The talented actress out of Vancouver, BC is also known for “The Arrangement” and “The Romeo Section.” She also happens to be finishing up her degree in Kinesiology.

Actress Chelsea Gill, photo credit to Gordan Dumka

Colleen Bement: You played Paige in the recent “Supernatural” episodes “There’s Something About Mary” and “Who We Are.” Fans would love to hear everything about your experience on the set.

Chelsea Gill: Honestly, I felt like a kid when I got on set! I was so excited to be on the show. I’ve been a fan for a long time so it was a dream to be a part of “Supernatural.” It was one of my favorite experiences. The cast and crew were so welcoming. Everyone is very passionate and incredibly hard-working on the show. They want to give their best which provides an encouraging vibe on set.

My first scene was with Samantha Smith who plays Mary Winchester. She was so humble. I also really enjoyed working with Elizabeth, Gillian and David who were incredibly supportive on set.

CB: Tell your fans about your role in the TV movie thriller “My Baby Gone.” It looks intense!

CG: Oh, it is! I play a nurse and there’s so much drama in the hospital scenes. It’s great!

The director, Steve Bacic, created such a fun atmosphere on set! He got everyone to dance after we finished our takes for the day.

CB: Let’s get to know you better. Where are you from, and what inspired you to become an actress?

CG: I’m from Vancouver, BC and I fell in love with acting at a very young age. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the world of movies. Over the years, I can’t say if there’s only one specific experience that inspired me but I definitely feel the most alive when I’m acting. I love being a part of stories, affecting others through emotions and letting everything go to be in the moment.

CB: What is “a day in the life” of Chelsea like?

CG: It involves a lot of running around! I’m finishing my degree in Kinesiology so I’m usually going back and forth between the acting world and focusing on my degree. If I’m not on set, my day usually includes going to school, acting class, studying, exercising, playing the piano, working and auditions. I also enjoy spending time with the people I love. The end of my day includes trying to find a moment to myself so I can listen to music and relax before I go to sleep and start my day all over again. I’m used to keeping busy 🙂

CB: What are some of your music playlists right now?

CG: Music is a big part of my life. Right now I’ve been listening to a lot of jazz. I can’t get one song in particular out of my head. Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love”. I’ve also been enjoying Kendrick Lamar’s new album, DAMN. He’s definitely one of my favorite artists.


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