Interview with stunning “iZombie” guest actress Veronika London



Actress Veronika London, photo credits to Kristine Cofsky.

Beautiful and talented actress Veronika London will make an appearance on the very popular “iZombie” May 23, 2017. Known for roles in “Lucifer” and films such as “Black Eve” and “Searching for Angels,” the Canadian actress is on the entertainment industry’s radar. London has already filled a spot on her bucket list with her photo shoot with Maxim magazine. Get to know this stunning star that will no doubt be getting a lot of screen time.

Colleen Bement: My readers would love to hear all about your experience on the set of “iZombie.”

Veronika London: I play Taryn the cute ordinary neighbor and ex-girlfriend of Finn (Robert Richard). It was a great set to work on. I am a huge fan of the show and of all the main actors involved.

CB: “Lucifer” is such a great show. You had a role in a season two episode. Tell your fans all about it.

VL: I play the love interest of Tom Ellis. We had a pretty fun sexy scene playing with hot wax. The cast and crew were so pleasant to work with.

CB: I’m going on my 5th tattoo so I’d love to hear about yours. Is it really written in binary code? How cool!

VL: Yes, it is binary code. My first year of University I took computer science, which I later switched to Marketing and Performing Arts. I’ve always been fascinated by binary code. My tattoo says “Desire.”

CB: Tell me about your experience as a host for Toro TV’s “Damage Control.”

VL: I found hosting to be very different than acting. I really enjoyed the fact that there was more freedom in being able to be myself and not following a script.

Actress Veronika London, photo credits to Kristine Cofsky.
CB: I read that you were raised in Toronto and born in Mexico City. How did you end up in Toronto?

VL: My dad traveled quite a bit for work which meant I moved around a lot growing up. I always loved Toronto and decided to stay there when I turned 18.

CB: So Maxim magazine called you a Canadian sex symbol in a sultry photo spread that set hearts and imagination ablaze. WOW! What was it like to shoot for Maxim?

VL: It was very humbling. I knew the photographer Jamie Watling who initially did the pitch for me to be featured in the magazine. I am always thankful for opportunities that come up that are on my bucket list.


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