Interview: ‘Grimm’ star Bitsie Tulloch chats wedding plans and nicknames



Bitsie Tulloch appeared at Denver’s 40th Anniversary of StarFest Convention this past Apr. 21-23, 2017. The actress appeared on stage with her very soon to be husband, David “Grimm” star David Giuntoli. Best known for playing Juliette and Eve on NBC’s hit series “Grimm,” this San Diego born actress grew up in Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina, then started her acting career with the role of R2-D2’s girlfriend. Other roles include “House,” “Cold Case,” “The West Wing,” and more. Tulloch took time out of her busy schedule to chat wedding plans and nicknames.


Colleen Bement: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. So romantic! What can you tell your fans about your plans?

Bitsie Tulloch: Well honestly we’re not telling anyone when or where. We’re doing a very intimate wedding, and then we’re going to have a couple parties, but I can tell you it’s soon. I mean David’s bachelor party was this weekend, and my bachelorette is in a couple weeks, so we’re kind of winding down to when the wedding is. Honestly we’re going to take a little bit of a road trip afterword’s, but we haven’t quite decided on where we want to honeymoon; we were thinking it should be some place that neither of us have been to before; so like Iceland or someplace cool.

CB: I wanted to ask you about how character; how it changed. Was that difficult?

BT: It was challenging, but I actually felt pretty lucky, because the reality is that at a certain point, if you play a character year after year, it becomes kind of second hand and you get a little complacent. I kind of felt lucky that they really gave me three characters to play; if not four. You have sweet naive Juliet, then you have the Hexenbiest Juliette, then you have Eve, and then you have the sort of Evette, which was the last iteration. So every time it would be like, sometimes they wanted some Juliette creeping back into Eve, I was getting a lot of notes that no, that was too soft, make it more Eve. or more Juliette, so it was harder as an actress to figure out what exactly this sort of amalgamation means. The hardest one was going from Juliette to Eve because it was such a complete departure from the character. Then having to do all these scenes with my boyfriend, and I’m just cold and robotic. It was awesome. I feel really blessed. David Greenwald, one of the showrunners, was saying that he felt I could hand being thrown into a lot of different characters, so I was pleased that I could do that.

CB: How did you come up with that adorable name of Bitsie?

BT: Bitsie was my grandfather’s nickname. He was Walter Scott Tulloch and he was born in 1915 and his older sister Catherine, when was a baby, started saying itsy bitsy baby, so everybody started calling him Bitsie, so when I was born, he and I were really close; attached at the hip, and people started calling me Bitsie. But it’s sweet because my grandmother, her name is Elizabeth but she goes by Betty, but I’m named after both of them.

CB: Tell your fans about your very first movie “R2-D2: Beneath the Dome.”

BT: I was down in Australia and they were casting for it and somebody said why you don’t audition for the role of the girlfriend, and I did it and I thought it was really fun. I played R2-D2’s girlfriend, who he’s cheating on, and eventually impregnates, but it was really sweet because that thing had a big budget, I mean George Lucas was weighing in on it, and it was really funny. That was years before I even decided to start acting.

Bitsie Tulloch and David Giumtoli at StarFest Denver

CB: Do you have any geek tendencies?

BT: I would say I am a nerd. I was and still am very academic. I read a ton. I ready at least one or two books a week. I can read on an iPad, because I need to write on the side. I just finished this book by JD Vance called the “Hillbilly Elegy,” and now I’m reading “The Underground Railroad,” so I’m always reading. That’s kind of what’s nerdy about me. I’m a major bookworm.


2 thoughts on “Interview: ‘Grimm’ star Bitsie Tulloch chats wedding plans and nicknames

  1. I loved the show, I have all the seasons on dvd. Very sad that it’s over, and I wish it would continue with the kids and truble taking on the bad guys, that would be awesome. All the cast were great, and the crew also. I would love to know if any of ya’ll do other movies or series, so I can watch them.
    Thank you for 6 great years.


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