Exclusive interview with ‘Supernatural’ guest actress Kara Royster

Kara Royster plays the role of one of the powerful hunter twins, Alicia Banes in this season of “Supernatural.” Out of Palm Beach Gardens, FL the lovely and talented actress is known for her roles in “Pretty Little Liars,” ‘K.C. Undercover,” and “Faking It.” Kara also happens to be a sought after makeup artist whose credits include multiple photo shoots and music videos. Get to know Kara as she took time out of her schedule to chat.


Kara Royster, photo credit to Brandon Showers

Colleen Bement: I love your character of Alicia Banes on this season’s “Supernatural.” I thought you were pretty badass in ‘Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox.’ What can you share with my avid SPN fans about life on the set?

Kara Royster: This episode fans really dives into the story of the twins and their mom and understand the makeup of the family. Kendrick and I had such a blast filming the last episode and were so excited to be returning, especially after reading the powerful script. This is a very intense episode and everyone really brought it! The cast and crew really love the show and are excited to be creating something awesome for the fans

CB: Tell your fans about your experience on “Pretty Little Liars?”

KR: Being on “Pretty Little Liars” was an absolute dream come true. I was a fan of the show for so many years so getting to jump into the story made me want to pinch myself. Then, as an actor, getting on set with a cast and crew who is so passionate about what they were creating, that’s when I knew I was dreaming haha. Also, to be part of a show run by such strong and amazing women on and off screen was so inspiring.  The drive of the show really stems from the fans; their dedication to these characters is what made the cast and crew so enthusiastic to create something amazing. I love Yvonne Phillips! She is so different from the “new love interests” we see a lot in TV, she is strong, confident and elegant (not to mention stylish), she will forever hold a special place in my heart.

CB: May I say that you’re just stunning! I read that you’re also a makeup artist. My readers would love to learn a make-up secret or two.

KR: Aww shucks! Thanks! Yes, I have been stealing my mom’s make-up since I could remember. I got to kind of sub major in makeup in high school, and then later had the opportunity to work on music videos and photo shoots. My top three tips are, 1: Always moisturize! It seems simple but makes a huge difference 2: Blend, blend, blend (then blend some more with a beauty blender) 3: Don’t be afraid to mix foundations to get that perfect shade and perfect finish.

CB: To get to know a little better, let me fire off quick few quick answer questions:

1.) Top two bands on your Spotify?

Beyoncé + Erika Jayne 

2.) Morning person or night owl?

Night owl

3.) Top two countries to visit on your bucket list?

Brazil+ Germany 

4.) Favorite superhero?

Spider-Man is my favorite superhero.  Actually, to be honest I prefer super villains, like Harley Quinn


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