Actor Paul Barton shares stories from latest ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural” fans finally got to see Joshua at the end of last week’s episode ‘The Future,’ and all though far too brief, actor Paul Barton has fun stories to tell about life on the set. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Barton recently moved to Vancouver and has had to give up his surfboard for skies and rock climbing gear. He’s known for TV series “No Tomorrow,” and “Squirrel Boys.” Get to know this talented up and coming actor.

Paul Barton, photo courtesy of Joanna DeGeneres

Colleen Bement: I sure liked you in the recent episode of “Supernatural.” I wish I could have seen more of you. What can you tell us about your experience on the set?

Paul Barton: I had a lot of fun. Although it was brief, the one thing I took away from it was how everyone from the cast and crew through to the wardrobe and admin department were incredibly warm and welcoming from the get go. Of course, it was raining in Vancouver the day I shot but it created no setbacks. The crew is probably well accustomed to it by now. Because it was a night shoot, I felt it really kind of added to the mood they were going for in that part of the episode. Amanda Tapping, the director, was great to work with. When I first walked out of my audition I couldn’t stop thinking that she looked so familiar, but I just couldn’t connect why. Then it came to me! “Stargate” – Samantha Carter. Haha. But she was cool. She was really easy to work with. The character I played actually appears in a previous season, so I when I was preparing for it. I really wanted to make sure I incorporated a lot of the elements that was originally brought to it by the talented actor that portrayed him originally. He delivered this really dynamic and interesting performance, so I was hoping to bring the same with my scenes. Amanda was then great at communicating what she was looking for while we were filming.

CB: Tell your fans about your upcoming role in the movie “Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library,” as well as any other projects that you have in the works.

PB: Another great project I was fortunate to work on. I can’t really talk too much about the film without getting a slap on the wrist, but what I can say is that it is going to be really fun to watch. It’s a Nickelodeon production that was shot here in Vancouver and again a lovely bunch of cast and crew. Hopping on set, it was like an actor’s playground. There are so many fun and interesting characters on this production (including the role I played) and also a really great bunch of talented young actors starring in it.

Other than that, similar to many actors, I’m working on my own material. For myself, at this stage, I’m finding there is no shortage of opportunities up here, but there are also things I’d love to challenge myself with and certain roles and stories I’d love to tackle. So I have a couple of projects that should be done later on this year!

CB: Let’s get to know you better. Two questions:

-What’s hot on your music playlist?

PB: Haha. This is a tough question for me because it really depends on the day and my mood. I love a lot of music and love watching a lot of live music. But at the moment, if I could say one, I’m really liking some Tame Impala and I’ll always find myself coming back to listen to my good friends’ band The Holidays. I may be a little partial to Aussie music.

-What do you do in your downtime?

PB: So as I just hinted, I’m a fairly new resident to Vancouver. I’m originally from Sydney, Australia and moved to Vancouver about a year and a half ago for the purpose of building my acting career. I’ve always been very ‘outdoorsy.’ Whether it was surfing or playing soccer back home. So for me, I’m still discovering BC and with no surf close to Vancouver I’ve recently started to get into climbing and I have grand visions of climbing a rock face called the Chief (in Squamish BC) by the end of summer. But there is much great stuff to do outside in summer here and of course skiing in the winter. There is no real comparison of the Rockies to any mountains back home. On my down downtime, I love to keep immersed in the arts whether it’s theater, comedy or films. And you can give me a good book to read any day.

CB: Do you have any social causes close to your heart?

PB: There are a lot of social causes I’m a big supporter of. I have always held a strong belief in anything relating to social equality. I was very fortunate to have a solid upbringing and receive a good education and one thing that was drummed into me and resonated with me is to treat others with respect, and I firmly believe we should be able to live in a society where we all share equal rights. I’ve always held a really strong affinity towards animals. I’ve shared my life with a number of animals that I would consider part of my family so any cruelty towards animals hits a deep nerve with me. There are a number of organizations that I know of here, in the States and back home in Australia that work tirelessly to prevent the mistreatment of animals and I will always be a huge supporter of what they’re doing.


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