Interview with Caroline Cave on her addition to Syfy’s hit show ‘Van Helsing’

Actress Caroline Cave will take on vampires in the second season Syfy’s hit series “Van Helsing.” Her character’s name is Jolene, Vanessa Van Helsing’s friend who will be second in command of a group of Resistance fighters. This West Vancouver-born actress is no stranger to fabulous sci-fi shows. She’s been in “Stargate: Atlantis,” “SGU Stargate Universe,” “Sanctuary,” “Aftermath,” “Supernatural,” and more. Cave’s filmography is stunning. She was the star of the series “Cra$h & Burn,” and has recently been in “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency,” and plays an important role opposite Kevin Bacon in Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut “Story of a Girl.”

Actress Caroline Cave, Photo courtesy of Kevin Clark - Vancouver

Colleen Bement: Congratulations on your recurring role in Syfy’s super popular series “Van Helsing.” What can you share about your character Jolene?

Caroline Cave: Jolene is strong, smart, and practical. She finds herself in a leadership position among the Human Resistance due to her strength of character and limited medical training- she failed out of med school. Jolene has depth, a sense of humor, tenacity, and courage. She’s selfless and compassionate at her core. She is comfortable with weapons, physically brave and will do anything to protect the future of humankind.

CB:Story of a Girl” looks like an amazing and powerful film. What can you share about your experience making the movie?

CC: I had a wonderful experience, just wonderful. Most of my scenes were shot in a little house out in Fort Langley. The cast that plays the central family, Jon Tenney, Ryann Shane, Iain Belcher and I spent a lot of time together hanging out in a little library room, just getting to know one another. I didn’t have much time with Sosie Bacon, but I found her to be a funny, grounded, open person. Jon and I are both theater people so we connected in an immediate way. There was a great deal of mutual respect and laughs. Kyra is warm, specific, generous and a trusting director. Our producer, Liz Levine and I have become close friends so that was a gift as well.

CB: You played Libby in the season seven “Supernatural” episode ‘Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie.’ That episode brings back too many scary memories for me at Chuck E Cheese parties with my daughter. My “SPN” readers would love to hear any stories that you have from the set.

CC: Well, I’m a bit of a closeted introvert, so I have pretty negative feelings about places like Plucky Pennywhistle’s. The irony was that a set is controlled and quiet and the actors and crew work in a kind of quiet efficiency. That was interesting to observe in a space that’s usually pretty crazy. My children are 4 and 6 so there are many birthday parties at places like Plucky’s. Very loud…kids going bananas.

CB: My readers would love to hear about your experience on the new “Power Rangers” film.

CC: My experience with “Power Rangers” was fascinating. Because it was Dean’s first really large FX feature, there was quite a bit of tension on set. I had a good rapport with Dean and a very warm connection with Dacre and David, however, what we shot in the family scenes were cut down for the final edit. I play Dacre’s mom, of course, and it was his emotional antagonism with his dad that became the bigger storyline. When you’re shooting, you just invest your heart into the story and you never really know how it’ll end up. It was also interesting seeing all the kids, the Rangers before they became these stars. They are all just really normal, fun-loving, open-hearted young people.

CB: Let’s get to you know a little better with a couple quick-answer questions:

1.) Favorite cuisine? Malaysian
2.) Top two bands on your music playlist? It’s a running playlist: Arcade Fire, The Killers
3.) Latest binge-watched TV show? “The Fall”- Excellent
4.) Go-to feel good movie? “A Dog’s Purpose” 
5.) Top two bucket list countries to visit? Russia, Greece


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