‘Supernatural’ guest actress Alvina August chats life on the set

Alvina August, Photo courtesy of Louis Lay

Alvina August makes a splash on Thursday night’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes.’ The actress, singer, songwriter is known for roles in “The Other Kingdom,” “The Machine,” “Suits,” as well as her soulful music. August was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to Canada at 17 after her mom sold everything to give her a brighter future. Check out her cool stories from the set and get to know this bright talent.

Colleen Bement: Welcome to the “Supernatural Family” with your guest spot in this week’s episode. I know you can’t share much, but can just talk about your experience on the set? Do you happen to be a fan of the show?

Alvina August: I’ve always been a big fan of “Supernatural.” I moved from Toronto to Vancouver early this year and was thrilled that I could finally audition in person since the show shoots out here on the west. Ironically, I really didn’t think I had a shot with this particular role because I didn’t quite fit the original breakdown for the character. Now that I think about it, the fact that I didn’t feel pressured to get it right necessarily may have had something to do with me booking the role. Being on set was one of the best experiences of my acting career so far. It can be hard being the new kid on an extremely well-oiled machine but everyone on set made me feel like part of the family right away. Jared is a high-energy, goofball and king of the dad jokes. But he is certainly a southern gentleman, always making sure I was okay after every take of my more physically demanding scenes. The same goes for Jensen who I was lucky enough to act opposite. He was a generous scene partner who brought out my best work. Now, throw in Mr. Richard Speight Jr. aka the “Trickster” who directed this episode and you have a hilariously entertaining combination and hands down, the most fun I’ve had on any set.

CB: Tell us all about your beautiful music. I watched a couple of your YouTube vids, and what a lovely voice; so much soul. What’s new for your fans?

AA: I am a songwriting RnB, soul recording artist. I’ve been singing since I could talk and was influenced by North American musicians like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Tamia and the famous RnB guy/girl groups of the 80s & 90s. I’m excited to announce that my new single “Separate Ways” will be released worldwide Spotify, iTunes etc. on May 12th. The accompanying music video will also release at the same time. I will be performing my single at the Opera House in Toronto on May 17th at 9 p.m. as part of a showcase that my music label Akashic Records is putting on. My full EP will be released by the end of 2017. To keep in touch with my music you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.

CB: Your story is really something, and what your mom did to look for a better life for you both. What was it like to move from Zimbabwe to Canada? Wow.

AA: I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and moved to Canada when I was 17 after my mum sold everything so I could have a better future. Looking back, I am very grateful for her sacrifice but at the time, it just felt like I was being torn away from everything I knew. The tropical climate to snow was the easier transition; the cultural shock was not. I was an immigrant teenager trying to figure out where or how I fit in and thankfully I found my expression through music and painting.  Performing has always been a passion of mine and only recently did acting come into play through musical theater. I am so fulfilled to do both and I hope my story can inspire even one person who may feel like I did once; like a small fish in unfamiliar waters or who may not necessarily come from privilege that big dreams are never bigger than your faith and your resilience.

CB: “Suits” happens to be my one of my best friend’s favorites, so I have to ask, what was it like working with those actors?

AA: Although brief, working on “Suits” was another good experience. I got a glimpse of a very different Harvey Specter as cool dad, Gabriel Macht. In between set-ups, he was video chatting with his daughter as he helped her with her guitar lesson. I found out that he comes from a very music-centric family and he also talked about his travels to South Africa. He was very gracious and even when I accidentally called him ‘Mr. Sceptor’ during our scene; he laughed it off afterward to minimize my embarrassment. The only negative I have from that experience was that I didn’t get to work with the incredible Gina Torres. I admire her work greatly.

CB: Who have been your biggest inspirations in your career?

AA: As far as acting goes, Naomi Harris, Sandra Bullock, Viola Davis, Kate Winslet are just a few of my favorite actresses. As for actors, I really love the work of Daniel Kaluuya, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio & Will Smith.


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