Get to know Wesley MacInnes of hot new ‘Power Rangers’ film

Wesley MacInnes
Photo courtesy of The Promotion People

Wesley MacInnes is on fire. This hot Vancouver actor appears in the new “Power Rangers” film and is busy on set filming “Hard Powder” opposite Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, and Emmy Rossum. Country music lovers know MacInnes for his debut song “Duet” that landed him at number nine on the Billboard chart, with his video grabbing him two CCMA nominations. “Warcraft: The Beginning.” Avid “Supernatural” fans will remember him as a certain invisible stalker in the episode ‘Wishful Thinking,’ and will love to hear his stories from the set of the episode ‘Road Trip.’

Colleen Bement: The new “Power Rangers” movie has been such a huge hit with my readers. Tell us all about your experience on such a cool film.

Wesley MacInnes: It was a thrill to step into the Rangers world. I was a huge fan of the original ’90s series, so my inner child was laughing on this. I recall auditioning for the role (I had read the previous day for a similar character in a TV show, but got a call that night saying I didn’t get it, but that they wanted to see me for a film that was operating under a code name). When I saw the bit of the script I was sent at the time, a ton of the lines and character names were all blacked out, but I recall immediately realizing it was “Power Rangers” due to a couple of small details that only a mega fan would catch.
Ultimately, being on set was quite electric. You don’t often get to be a part of the things you loved as a child, so this was a rare experience, and one I am grateful for.  When they played the original ’90s theme song in the film my friends and I totally lost it in the theater.

CB: Do you have some current projects that you’re allowed to chat about?

WM: I’ve been working on a new film called “Hard Powder” that stars Liam Neeson. It’s got a huge ensemble cast and we’ve been filming up on Fortress Mountain in Alberta, where “Inception” and “The Revenant” were shot. I can’t really get into the plot of the film, but it has been a thrill to act opposite to Liam. He’s truly a prince of a fellow in real life and is such a talented actor on set. But I’ll say this, when that guy is not happy with you (as he is with me in the film) it is a scary situation. I think people are in for a real treat with this one.

CB:Supernatural” fans would just love to hear all about your guest spot on the season nine episode ‘Road Trip.’ What can you share?

WM: Haha. This one has a funny story for me. So, I work a lot as a director as well. I was directing two music videos at the time (one for a band called One More Girl, and another for my own music: I perform under the name Wes Mack). I had a looming editing deadline on my video and was in pre-production for the other one and did not sleep at all the night before the audition. As a result, I was loopy and did something in the audition I’d never done before. I forgot my next line, which is not a big deal and normally if that ever happened I would call for the line and keep going. In all my sleep-deprived glory I just stood there and kind of messed with the reader; staring them down and stalking around the room. It was very Captain Jack Sparrow. The line came to me and we kept going, but there was a good 20 seconds of silence in there which in an audition feels like an eternity – it was weird.

The next day I decided to call my agent and slightly damage control it. I was going to ask her to tell casting that I was in the middle of two music videos and hadn’t slept, etc. They had cast me a lot before, so I wasn’t freaking out, but I wanted to apologize for coming in like that. I called my agent and she said they had offered me the role. I laughed and abandoned all hope of ever knowing which auditions had gone well and which ones were a mess.

When it came time to shoot my scene with Jared (Sam Winchester) it was déjà vu. I had stayed up all night editing the second music video as it was due to CMT the next day. So, while I didn’t drop any lines there I was definitely very loopy. I gave what I feel was a very strange performance, that I oddly quite liked. I also felt like the director of the episode got exactly what he had seen in the audition, so it all worked out. Also, Jared is REALLY tall, and a rad dude.

CB: What was it like to be a part of the film “Warcraft: The Beginning?”

WM: I was a major Warcraft fan, going back to ‘Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness,’ which I played a lot of on my computer back in the ’90s. I had actually auditioned for another film and when I did not get that part, casting offered this to me, to which I was happy to accept.

It was a massive shoot. I recall driving up to the set and realizing they had built an entire city in a parking lot. From the outside, it was all plywood, but inside was elaborate. Getting suited up in the iconic Warcraft armor made me smile, and getting to work with Duncan Jones, one of my favorite directors, was really a pleasure.

CB: What do you do in your “downtime?” How do you chill out?

WM: I like to swim or run when I can – anything to stay active. I’m currently cycling through “Star Trek: TNG” on Netflix. I also love walking down to the ocean and just staring out at it just losing myself. Ultimately, it depends on where I am and how much time I have. I’m a very nostalgic guy, so I’m typically drawn to things that kind of take me back in time. Other than that, just getting outside in nature is big for me. My favorite place in the world to be is in the lake at my cabin – it’s in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.


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