Colorado Anime Fest created anime heaven

Colorado Anime Fest brought Japanese culture and anime to life.


The cosplay was creative and stunning. At every turn, the cosplay was just jaw dropping. Anime fans took every step and stitch to display incredibly beautiful and accurate costumes that showed off the love. There was always something to do with the guests of honor bringing on the excitement, and the activities were always entertaining. The second annual Colorado Anime Fest convention took place this past weekend Mar. 24-26, 2017 at the lovely Renaissance Denver Stapleton Hotel. The hotel made for a beautiful set up for the convention. It was spread out with plenty of rooms, corners, and areas to hang out.


There was nothing but smiles as fans were either hanging out with friends old and new, or exploring the treasure-filled dealer’s room. At one point on Saturday, a conga line had formed and it expressed pure joy and enthusiasm. There was never a break in the action with celebrity panels and informative fun such as Samurai vs Ninja; the Test, Japanese Food in the US, a Pokemon game show, and so many more. Of course, there was the must-see Saturday night costume contest. Saturday featured an amazing display with the martial arts demo from the Denver Buddhist Temple Aikido. All ages were up on stage to show the audience the amazing art of Aikido is truly about using the opponent’s energy against them. Another fascinating panel was that of Japan-America Society of Colorado’s talk on Japanese culture. The audience learned a lot from a presentation from a teacher who was lucky to live in Japan and had a lot to share.

“Cowboy Bebop” star Steve Blum was there for his long lines of fans and fans could not be happier. The line for Blum wrapped around multiple corners for that chance to meet the iconic voice actor. Some scored autographs and photos, while some were just excited to meet the master. For so many, “Cowboy Bebop” is their all-time favorite anime series, and many mentioned that his voice is as iconic as it is recognizable. For many, the highlight of the weekend was the chance to see Steve Blum and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on stage chatting about the series. Attendees of the con also had the chance to meet Erica Mendez of “KILL la KILL”, “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic,” and voice actress and ADR director Caitlin Glass who played the role of Winry Rockbell in “Fullmetal Alchemist.” The voice of Soi Fan in “Bleach” Karen Strassman, and Lauren Landa of such roles as the ninja beauty, Kasumi in “Dead or Alive 5.”

Anime is more than a genre. It is a worldwide culture of art that celebrates such a versatile and beautiful method of storytelling. The stories told through anime often focus on deep stories of inner power and strength. Colorado Anime Fest absolutely celebrated that culture and art for that weekend, and no doubt fans are already planning for next year!


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