‘Power Rangers’ week at Colorado Springs Comic Con

It’s ‘Power Rangers’ week at Colorado Springs Comic Con.

This week Colorado Springs Comic Con has been treating fans to daily celebrity guest announcements. Get excited Power Rangers fans because Johnny Yong Bosch (Black Power Ranger and later, Green Zeo Power Ranger, and the first Green Turbo Power Ranger), Catherine Sutherland (second Pink Power Ranger, Pink Zeo Power Ranger, and the first Pink Turbo Power Ranger), Steve Cardenas (second Red Power Ranger and Blue Zeo Power Ranger), Blake Anthony Foster (Blue Turbo Power Ranger), Hilary Shepard Divatox (evil pirate queen Divatox), and RJ Cyler (the brand new Blue Power Ranger from the film) are headed for Colorado Springs. The film opened this weekend and the excitement is all the buzz. According to TVLine there is a huge teaser during the end credits.  Yong Bosch

Just last week Chris Sarandon was the big news, and the celebrities just keep on coming. This pop culture convention just south of Denver will return to the Mortgage Solutions Expo Center Aug. 25-27, 2017. CSCC enjoyed a nice success last year and is back with a geekfest full of celebs, an artist alley, a huge vendor area, and plenty of fun activities. Joining the Power Rangers and Chris Sarandon will be Josh McDermitt, Sam Jones, Doug Walker, Joey Lauren Adams, James Marsters, Timothy Zahn, Elizabeth Ludlow, Kevin Grevious, and Amy Dumas.

Ticket prices and more information can be found on the Colorado Springs Comic Con website.

Three day pass $75.00 for adults, and $25.00 for kids

Friday only: $25.00, and $10.00 for kids

Saturday only $35.00 for adults, $15.00 for kids

Sunday only $30.00, $10.00 for kids

VIP is $129.99


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