StarFest convention adds Christian Kane

The very popular StarFest convention dropped another guest announcement bombshell this week that actor and musician Christian Kane has been added to the already shiny list. Loved for his roles in TV shows such as “Angel,” “Leverage,” and “The Librarians,” Kane’s announcement created a lot of excitement. According to StarFest, this badass actor did his own stunts in his role of Lindsey McDonald in Whedon’s series “Angel.” Kane called a role he dreamed of came true in “Leverage” where he had the chance to choreograph his own stunts. No doubt he will have plenty of stories to tell.

StarFest is set to celebrate its 40th Anniversary Apr. 21-23, 2017 at the newly remodeled Denver Marriott DTC hotel, and ComicFest will be right next store at the Hilton. The balconies are gone, but there will be no shortage of fun this year. Along with Christian Kane, fans will get to meet “Dark Matter” star Jodelle Ferland, Ming-Na Wen, Hale Appleman, Walter Koenig, Mike Quinn, Rene Auberjonois, & More!

Check out all the other “fests” and grab those tickets!

  • ComicFest
  • GameFest
  • WhoFest
  • HorrorFest
  • KlingonFest
  • ArtFest
  • ModelFest
  • RoboFest

Ticket prices are for a three-day adult pass is $75 in advance/ $80 at the door, kids are just $30/$35. Check out the website for VIP pricing, meet and greet, photo ops and autographs pricing.


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