Vikings are at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Vikings have landed at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The Vikings: Beyond the Legend exhibit opened this past weekend and will be visiting Denver through Aug. 13, 2017. This incredible journey takes the visitor back in history to 750-1100 CE in Scandinavia which is known as the Viking Age. Denver Museum of Nature & Science educator, Samantha Sands is “thrilled to have this exhibit in Denver because Vikings: Beyond the Legend takes you behind the helmets and shields of Vikings warriors to explore their daily lives as farmers, craftspeople, traders, and explorers. These stunning artifacts, many of which are over one thousand years old, show the creativity and complexity of life in Scandinavia and beyond.”

The pieces are exquisite.

There are incredible pieces such as a silver Thor’s Hammer that shines like the day it was made. Display after display of artifacts in incredible condition will be seen such as swords, knives, and axes. There are elaborate brooches, necklaces, amulets and a large number combs, and bowls and eating utensils. Obviously these Scandinavians were not barbarians. Interestingly enough, there was not a single horned helmet found which dispels another long-standing stereotype. There are amazing replica Viking ships made of oak that were created just as the Vikings would have done; without saws, and using tools such as axes. One of the most amazing finds on display is this breathtaking “ghost ship.” Hanging perfectly from 219 original iron rivets is what is left of an authentic aristocratic burial ship after all the wood had disintegrated.

Vikings even knew how to have fun as evidence of dice and other gaming pieces are shown. All of this is displayed through giant photographs and beautiful murals, and videos that give the visitor an idea of what life was life on a Viking farm.

Definitely bring the family.

The exhibit is an interactive adventure through glorious artifacts, hands-on treasures like rope and yarn spinning, and an actual sword that you can touch and lift to feel its weight. There are museum’s historical enactors throughout the exhibit who play show and tell and truly bring you back in time. Norse men in full costume will be sharing tales of triumphs and Norse women give a glimpse of what it was like to live back in that day. Kids and adults alike will enjoy learning about the famous gods of Asgard like Odin and his sons Thor, Baldr, Hodr, Vidarr, Bragi, and Tyr. Learn about their wives who were also goddesses like Frigg, and of course the sinister Loki. Every age will be smiling at the gift shop and the photo op with the Viking ship!

Ticket prices: Guests pay $25.95 adult, $21.95 senior (age 65+), $17.95 junior/student (ages 3–18 or with a student ID), which includes general admission.


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