Jennifer Kitchen chats being on set for ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Flash’

Jennifer Kitchen loves her job. Born in Toronto, Canada, Kitchen has enjoyed roles on some of the coolest shows on TV such as “Frequency,” “iZombie,” and “The Flash.” She appeared as an angel in last week’s “Supernatural” episode ‘Family Feud,’ and FX’s new series “Legion.” She’s also known for her roles in the films “This Means War” and “Firewall.” Jennifer took a few minutes out of her busy day to chat life on the sets of “Supernatural” and “The Flash.”

Actress Jennifer Kitchen, Photo credit to Karolina Turek

Colleen Bement: You have had some very cool guest roles lately. I’d love to hear some stories about being on the sets of “Supernatural” and “The Flash.” What can you share?

Jennifer Kitchen: Just getting cast in “Supernatural” season 12 was great for me. I had auditioned for the show a number of times so it was nice to finally book it. I play a waitress who is really an angel (and we never know how that’s going to turn out). We were filming a fight scene outside that required a little bit of fight choreography; which is exciting and fun; normally. But we happened to be having the craziest winter Vancouver had ever seen and it was around -7 C (19F) that night, so everyone was freezing. It made for a challenging outdoor shoot. The crew was amazing as they had been outside for hours already, but they made everyone one of us look good in the scene.

I worked for a day on the pilot of “The Flash;” another exciting day for me. It was only day two of the show ever filming and everyone was so excited and happy to be part of it. I knew that this was going to be a great and successful show as the cast was so amazing. Everyone seemed to connect and fit together so quickly. There could be a lot of downtime between shooting and it gave us all time to get to know each other while we were waiting. I remember thinking how lovely and sweet Grant Gustin was and was perfect as “The Flash.” Jesse L. Martin (Joe West) exudes joy every second you are around him and it’s definitely contagious. Rick Cosnett (Eddie Thawne) is an amazing soul and he and Jesse came by to see me a while later at the restaurant where I was working. There are always good laughs with the two of them.

CB: You have a fabulous filmography. Please tell your fans about any projects that you have in the works.

JK: I have a fun little scene coming up on the new FX series “Legion.” I was super excited to get cast on that show for many reasons, but particularly because I’m a big fan of the writer, Noah Hawley (Fargo), and they gave my character the BEST hair-do!

CB: How did you catch the acting bug?

JK: I’ve always loved performing. It always came naturally for me. Just ask my family who I used to force to be my audience when I was little and I’d put on plays in our dining room.
I always knew I wanted to be an actress but didn’t really start pursuing it seriously until my mid-twenties. I started doing voice-overs for radio and TV commercials, and then decided to go to acting school. Like most things in life, making the decision is the hardest part; the rest just made sense, and all fit into place once I took the leap. I knew it was what I was meant to do.

CB: Have you thought about writing your own screenplay or doing some directing?

JK: I have so much respect for screenwriters and directors. I would love to write my own screenplay one day. There are so many wonderful and funny moments in life that I catch myself thinking that I should be writing these down. These would make a great story. Just maybe I will.

CB: Do you have any hidden talents?

JK: I love to cook and I can also make you one of the meanest sandwiches you may ever have.


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