Get to know stunt performer Fraser Aitcheson

Stunt performer and actor Fraser Aitcheson is accustomed to having his character killed off. In last week’s episode of “Supernatural” called ‘Family Feud,’ he played a rugaru who had his brains melted by Mary Winchester. Known for over 100 credits in films such as “Deadpool” and “Man of Steel,” hit TV shows like “Supernatural,” “Arrow,” and “The Flash. “ Find out why this talented performer does what he does.

Stunt performer/actor Fraser Aitcheson, photo credit to Rob Gilbert

Colleen Bement: What possessed you to pursue a career with so much gratification, yet so much pain?

Fraser Aitcheson: I enjoy being a stunt performer for exactly those reasons. It’s extremely gratifying and the physical aspect gives me the opportunity to train and stay in shape.

CB: I see that you played a Rugaru in tonight’s ‘Supernatural‘ episode ‘Family Feud.” I’m curious: What’s it like on the set of ‘Supernatural’ versus other television film sets?

FA: The “Supernatural” set is great! No one has attitude and is very nice to work with. Not always the case with other shows that have been around for multiple seasons.

CB: “Deadpool.” I just have to ask about one of my favorite films of 2016. Tell your fans about the types of stunt that you did.

FA: I really liked working on “Deadpool.” Great atmosphere and energy. I did a reaction from a gunshot to the head: we worked out the timing, rehearsed a couple times, and then did about five takes for the camera.

CB: It seems like you’ve been in in pretty much every film and television show I can think of. What are some of your favorite projects over your career?

FA: I’ve been fortunate that most the cool stuff being produced is filmed in Vancouver and I get the opportunity to work on it. I can’t say that I have a favorite at this point. I just like to work and I love what I do, so it’s all good!

CB: How do you stay in shape?

FA: I go to the gym, train MMA, Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial arts; whatever I can apply to stunts.


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