Ruth Connell shares how ‘Supernatural’ has changed her life

Ruth Connell has charmed her way into the hearts of “Supernatural” fans everywhere. Born and raised in Scotland, Ruth has brought pure joy to the “Supernatural” world with her love for her fans, her infectious smile, and how she gives back to the community. Best known for her role as the powerful witch Rowena, this beautiful and talented actress started out with the Scottish Ballet, and lucky for us found her way to acting. She took time out to chat about what we can look forward to in Thursday’s episode ‘Family Feud.’

Colleen Bement: How has your life changed since becoming a favorite of the “Supernatural” fandom?

Ruth Connell: The last couple of years have been incredible. I get to meet a lot of the fans at conventions. I’ve got one coming up in Calgary at the end of May. Jeremy Renner is going to be there. I get to go to these events and meet the fans. I’m such good friends with people in the cast that I wouldn’t have otherwise met. People like Rob and Rich, and Alaina; people I’ve worked with on the set, and now we’re really good friends. Kim, Briana, and everyone is just amazing. Tim Omundson introduced me to his manager, and I now have a really nice manager because of a conversation I had with Tim backstage. I mean professionally it’s been great to work so much, and gain experience that I have on the set; plus getting know Jared and Jensen and Misha really well. Mark, of course; I’ve known him the most from the beginning. I have an extended family with Isabella and his wife Sarah. The fandom and the friendships have been so positive, and it’s really the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

CB: What do you think about how your character has evolved?

RC: She has been through so much been these seasons. This season we find her having survived the apocalypse, and having perhaps given up her dream on the mega coven for a little while. We find her in an unusual state where it’s all been a bit too much. She’s had her existential crisis with God and the Darkness, and what’s the point of it all. It’s really interesting that the writers are revealing more and more. I love all the backstory stuff that we find out and I love that it’s congruent with what I’ve always been imagining for myself. There’s so much scope to a character that’s 365 years old. On Thursday night with Theo Devaney coming in, we see her in relation to her grandson, and we find out more. It will be quite revealing, and actually, I think it’s safe to say a little bit shocking.

CB: My Hope Chest is such a beautiful cause. How did you get involved with it?

RC: I think the campaign that we did before was really successful, and I don’t think it’s quite finished. We will pick it up again when it is the right moment. I’ve also got some really fun ideas for the V-Club. Maybe some charms. At conventions, I buy the V-Club pins, that’s my contribution, and I’m giving them people who want a pin, and they pledge $10 to My Hope Chest. 100% of the money will go to My Hope Chest. It raises money to pay for women’s reconstruction for women who are underinsured and can’t afford it after going through the trauma of breast cancer. It breaks my heart to think of some people not being able to get something that can really help them feel better about themselves after going through what they went through. We’d like to somehow raise 2,500 pins and everyone gives enough, we can pay for a woman’s entire journey surgically. I started it in Vegas, and it’s nice to do something that’s 100% for the charity.

Actress Ruth Connell Photo courtesy of Ruth Connell, used with permission

CB: What does a relaxing day off in the life of Ruth look like?

RC: My friend is always telling me ‘take your coffee break, take your coffee break.’ In my diary if there is space, I say yes, and I always fill up the space. So for me to have an actual day when I don’t have something planned is very rare. I’m trying consciously not to do that. I’m actually an introvert and it does me a lot of good to just hunker down and do things like put my receipts into piles for my taxes and just be in the house and potter around. I quite like homemaking like buying a storage box, or a light for my bedroom. I don’t find time to do stuff like that. For me, a relaxing day is when I can walk to the post office, buy myself some roses on Valentine’s Day, and just very gentle housey-pottering. It is really the most relaxing day, and it’s very rare, and I love it when I get to do it.


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  1. Ruth Connell is the most amazing, unbelievably talented actor! I love her, like the rest of the world does. What an Awesome lady! I would be heartbroken if they ever took away her character on Supernatural.

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