Actress Jordana Largy chats guest role on ‘Supernatural’

Jordana Largy fell in love with storytelling after one semester of college, and decided to become an actress. She appears on this week’s “Supernatural” episode called ‘Family Feud.’ This talented actress and producer is known for her roles in the films such as “Eadweard,” “Stranger in the House,” and “Transparency,” as well as guest roles in hot shows like “Motive,” and “Continuum.” Along with her spot on “Supernatural,” she soon can be seen in “Woody Woodpecker” live action film, and the TV series “Hard Days, Wet Nights.”

Colleen Bement: Welcome to the “Supernatural Family” with your guest spot in this week’s episode “Family Feud.” What was it like on the set?

Jordana Largy: Thank you! The show has been on for 12 seasons and I was beginning to think I would never be part of this family. To be fair, I haven’t been acting for 12 years, but still I have auditioned for it many, many times. Very happy to finally get to come out and play. There’s an ease to being on the “Supernatural” set. Even with just being there for one episode, everyone was so welcoming. And Jared and Jensen really have a lot of fun with what they do. I don’t think you could do a show for 12 years if you didn’t. The set is very professional and efficient, but also silly and fun at the same time.

Actress Jordana Largy, Photo courtesy of Karolina Turek, used with permission

CB: Fill us in on your latest projects “Woody Woodpecker” and the TV series “Hard Days, Wet Nights.”

JL: Woody Woodpecker” is a live-action feature film from Universal about the classic cartoon character. I play a leading role of Samantha Bartlett, the park ranger. We spent several weeks in Squamish BC last summer filming. The location is incredibly gorgeous. It felt like a dream going to work every day. The director of “Woody Woodpecker, Alex Zamm, is actually good friends with PJ Pesce. They went to film school together”.

Hard Days, Wet Nights” is an indie series shot here in Vancouver. I believe it will be released this summer. It’s very raw and gritty. I play Abigail, the ex-girlfriend of the lead character. It was a really emotional role for me. It’s simply about being in your late 20’s feeling like you should have accomplished so much more. How easy it is to become lost, and struggling to find your purpose in this world.

CB: “Continuum” was an amazing series. Tell your fans about that experience.

JL: I wish I had more to tell. I booked a substantial role that was just completely changed during rewrites. So I only had a very tiny part in the end and only spent one day on set. The best part was Amanda Tapping was directing that episode. She is incredibly talented and so very kind. I hadn’t worked with her since “Sanctuary.” I wish I could have done more on “Continuum!”

CB: How did you catch the acting bug? Did you start out as an actress? Model? Filmmaker?

JL: Haha, I’m flattered that you would even say model, but being 5’3 and super awkward that’s a big no. I started doing theater in high school, but being an actor was never something I thought I could do for a living. So I went to college like I thought everyone is supposed to. One semester when I couldn’t get the upper-level psychology courses I wanted, I took a bunch of literature and philosophy classes. That’s when I really fell in love with storytelling. But more than only wanting to write the stories, I wanted to tell them with everything I am. That’s when I dropped out of college, got an agent, and started studying acting.


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