‘Supernatural’ guest actor Theo Devaney chats return of Gavin MacLeod

Theo Devaney chats the reunion of the Crowley clan on this week’s “Supernatural.” This London born and raised actor/director is loved by “Supernatural” fans as Gavin MacLeod, son of the King of Hell, and the powerful witch Rowena. Devaney returns the hit CW show this week’s episode ‘Family Feud‘ airing this Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017. Get to know this super talented actor who loves video game, hits the gym, and sorry ladies; he’s taken.

Colleen Bement: “Supernatural” fans would love to hear all about your reunion with the “family” in this week’s ‘Family Feud.’ What are you allowed to share?

Theo Devaney: Returning to the show with the episode ‘Family Feud;’ how much can I share about the reunion of the Crowley clan? Needless to say, you can see how complicated the relationship with all the MacLeods has been. In this very full exploration between Rowena and Crowley, even in the previous episode that I did with Mark, it was complicated. You can pretty much expect more of the same: Mixed feelings, mixed messages, um yeah; nothing goes terribly smoothly. Sometimes, ya know three’s a crowd. So let’s leave it at that.

CB: How does it feel to be part of the “Supernatural Family?”

TD: Well it’s hard to put into words, really. I mean it feels fantastic. I’ve always felt extremely fortunate to get an acting job on a show that you really enjoy, that has so much good will and has so many great supporters around the world. That in itself is a lot of fun, but to be able to then become part of a huge collective; a huge movement worldwide that is constantly sharing good will within it; it’s indescribable and it’s unusual for actors. Obviously, I don’t think that I’m the show, having only been in it for a couple of episodes, but one feels like one’s a part of something that is bigger than the sum of its parts. This is kind of the definition of family. It’s nice to be able to share projects and to share information, interests, thoughts and feelings on subjects that are often quite difficult to discuss. It’s such a supportive community of people, and it’s amazing what people can actually talk about. That I think is the defining element of it that is so magical, really: That people can connect and support one another in a way that is sometimes hard to do with people that you may see on a daily basis. It feels like a huge blessing and a life gift.

Actor Theo Devaney Photo courtesy of Natalya Chagrin

CB: Tell your fans about your latest projects “Knocking on Death’s Door,” and “Aux,” and any other projects that you have in the works.

TD: “Knocking on Death’s Door” is actually a short film that I did about three years ago. “Aux” I’m just in it for a couple of scenes; I play a military guy. That was with John Rhys-Davies. It was nice to have a couple of scenes with him, Gimli from “Lord of the Rings.” Apart from that, I’m actually about to start filming something for Netflix over the next three weeks in Europe. That should be a lot of fun. I’m also directing a couple of short films over the next year which I’m really excited about. I’m also developing the feature film out of the short film that I made with the help of a lot of the “Supernatural” family sponsors. It has been touring film festivals and is doing quite well. Actually, a few of our lovely members of the “Supernatural” fandom came to support us in York just before Christmas, so that was really cool.

CB: I see that you’re a voice actor for video games. What do you enjoy about voice work?

TD: I’ve done about a dozen video games and I really enjoy doing them. In fact, I enjoy doing any kind of voice work because being in the studio with just the microphone. You aren’t really recognizable, physically, so you can pretty much do whatever you want to do with your body, and often that can be quite amusing. That aspect of it is really rewarding. Often I’ll come out of a two or three-hour session of a video game voice over and I’ve done so much screaming, and so much “dying” that my voice is slightly shredded. Although my technique is quite good, usually; you know I went to drama school for three years to learn how to use my voice properly, but sometimes you just get carried away. I really enjoy video games so I think that helps.

CB: Thanks for keeping in touch with your fans on Twitter. What other things do you do with your spare time?

TD: I do like to spend a bit of time on Twitter, although I do try to take a break every now and then because I do tend to get carried away. I sort of lose faith in my ability to say anything interesting because it moves so quickly, and I’m not temperamentally very good at sitting down and reading messages. I do have a fair bit of downtime. I do a lot of reading: I tend to read a lot of news. I’m a moderate novel reader. I’ll read philosophy books and sort of pop science. I like playing video games, although I have a very strict regime in that regard because I get sucked in. You know I’ve got a slightly over-active imagination which means that I have to be a bit careful because it just takes over my life. That happened a couple of times. The game ‘Skyroom’ and ‘Red Dead Redemption’ both took over my life for a couple of months. I love running; I love exercise. I tend to go the gym five time a week, not that I’m some super-fit guy, I just really enjoy going to the gym. I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend Kim these days, so we have lots of fun together. We tend to go out for dinner in London and go to the cinema. She keeps me busy. I do love variety. That’s probably why I’m an actor. I’m actually open to suggestions, if there’s anything you’ve done that you think is cool, please tell me because I’m up for it.


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